'S.A.D.' follows the story of David who is dealing with the loss of a child and the effects that sends him spiralling into depression.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

 What is S.A.D. about?

Everyone knows about depression. Everyone has seen the facts, but how many people have had an insight into what it actually feels like?

Based on true events, The story centres around David's relationship with his son and wife and how his spiralling depression affects them all. With no help, it's up to Davids family to save him from himself.

The story follows David and his wife and son  as they  comes to terms with losing a child,  Amara.  Through the story, we see how the family try to come to terms with their loss and how David, who refuses to accept his daughters death, spiralls into a deep depression  and suicidal tendencaies. 


Claire Phillips is the writer behind S.A.D. After living with depression, she decided to tell her story of how her husbands depression and lack of help inspired her to reach out and by telling her story, help others in a similar situation. After several months of intensive writing and editing her story for film, she was finally ready to put the script into the hands of a director with as vivid a vision and intense passion for the project.

S.A.D. will be entered into film festivals. With a fantastic script, an award winning director and experienced producer behind it,  this feature is promising to catch the attention of a vast viewership. Your money, in part, will bring certain realities of mental illness to a significant audience AND  you'll have your name on an artistic, powerful venture.

Why Depression.

Mixed anxiety and depression is the most common disorder in Britain.

4-10% of people will in England experience depression in their lifetime.

In 2013, 6,188 were recorded in the U.K.  A staggering 75% of these were male.

The purpose of this film is to raise awareness of mental health issues, in particular depression.

Risks and Challenges.

Insurance and safety (a massive consideration on any set)


Industry level equipment.

Venues for screening ( contributors will be invited)

Festival budgets( submission fees)

Advertising and publicity

These are some of the challenges we face. With a good budget, we can and will be able to bring a film of the highest quality.

After that, we can let the film do the talking.