Rust Central Server

This is a fund set up to contribute towards the running of a community gaming server.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Hello, I'm owner of RustCentral servers we are small group of friends who all want to create a server for rust so people all around the world can join and meet new people. we have admins on 24/7 making sure no rule breaks are happening but we can't  create the server without the funds.

our plan is to have a server open for 12 months and if everything goes well over 6 month period we will keep server online and open a website so people can talk to people even when not on the server and hopefully when the 12 months is  up we have people buying the vip kits to keep the server online and then expand and create even more server for more games.

if we get passed our target and hit our stretch target we will donate the rest of the money to as they do amazing work for anxiety and depression.