Rural Tourism - The Monk's Farm - City escape

Rural Tourism - The Monk's Farm - City escape

The funds are to renovate the propriety and develop a luxurious rural tourism.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

I've bought this propriety because it has a lot of potential to develop a luxurious rural tourism. This place has an amazing and very interesting story -  It has a 300 years old stone house that was used by monks to provide assistance to Santiago de Compostela pilgrims. Its  located at 15 min from Oporto city center, 10 min from beaches and 10 min from the airport. 

We will have seven luxurious and unique suites. 

A rural-modern kitchen area to provide homemade portuguese cuisine. 

A relaxing living room with a fire place facing the swimming pool. 

Health club 

Vine yards and organic fruit trees and vegetables. 

Farm animals 

Horse stables 

A van to serve our guests 

We aim to provide a unique experience. Our idea is to offer a different service for tourists visiting Oporto city, since  the tourism is growing every year and so is the demand for new segments of premium  hospitality.