rural youths from poverty to riches project

by KOMANI AUGUSTINE TEMBO in London, England, United Kingdom

rural youths from poverty to riches project
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Unfortunately this project was not successful.

To support the underprivileged and hopeless rural youths to be on track for sustainable wealth creation through education and tree planting

by KOMANI AUGUSTINE TEMBO in London, England, United Kingdom

Who I m  I? what do I do? how can you help?

I m Komani Augustine Tembo, from Malawi Africa.  From poor rural backgrounds but trusted on God and Education. Was assisted to pursue Bachelor’s degree and managed to self-sponsor Masters Degree in Educational Leadership and Management but also Masters in Youth Development which is pending.  I work towards helping the marginalized youths acquire vocational skills for self-reliance.  It’s a dream of dreams when I imagine the situation I passed through to be what I’m today. I feel I can help others uplift their lives too, through promoting education and training but also planting of the pine trees on the vast virgin lands of my community. The pine tree can be turned into timber in ten years and thereby reducing the poverty of the community and also contributing to groundcover and climate change. Using the local natural resources of land, life in my community can change drastically in a decade.  for this reason, my doctoral studies are focusing on working with communities to bring about positive change

How much do I need?

1. For Pine Tree planting I need about US$ 5000

2. For promoting education amongst children and the youth US$ 5000

3. For my doctoral studies in transformative community development US$6500 towards tuition. no need for boarding or lodging, the University is my home town.

How will I appreciate for the help

Any donors will have helped my rural youth to uplift their lives.  Donors will at their own time choose to come and appreciate progress of the sub-projects transparently. In addition, tree planting will help to contribute towards climate change initiatives. Those from other parts of the world shall be taken to tour different parts of the country, Malawi. Not only me, the vulnerable youths in my community will appreciate, the young girls and the community at large.

 can this be achieved?Are these mere dreams?

These are not mere dreams. In tree planting cumulatively over ten hectares have been planted with own meagre resources, in promoting education I led a team of former school mates to contribute towards the purchase of 25 mattresses and mats for secondary school girls to sleep on. This has reduced early marriages amongst girls. As for the doctoral studies, I have just started studying, I managed to save some money for registration and some instalment small amount fees.

Let's make 'rural youths from poverty to riches project' happen