Running the length of Ireland for Team Rubicon UK

by Stephen Murphy in Reigate, England, United Kingdom

We did it
On 31st October 2019 we successfully raised £670 with 9 supporters in 77 days

Running the length of the island of Ireland unsupported for Team Rubicon.

Over the last 15 years I taken on various challenges including ocean rowing and cycling and kayaking and running.   Now 62 years of age so I have plenty of time left for more adventures and challenges 

I now plan to run the length of the island of Ireland in 7 days or less. The shortest route is approximately 342 miles so I should average around 50 miles a day assuming I do not get lost! 

I ran the length of the U.K. in 2013 averaging over 50 miles a day for 20 days and also cycled it in 2017 in 5 days. 

My running challenges have also included the North Pole and Sahara marathons and running in North Korea and South America. 

Earlier this year I kayaked 125 miles with a partner in the Devizes to Westminster international canoe non stop race 

In the summer of 2020 I will go back to the Atlantic but this time with the crew of Atlantic 6 and I will again be involved in raising money for Team Rubicon UK.

Last year I joined Team Rubicon as a grey shirt but so far have not been active because of other commitments. This is my chance to help them before our Atlantic row next year.  ALL the money raised will go to them. I will pay for any expense incurred during my travel to Ireland and the run itself. 

Team Rubicon UK- My Chosen Charity.

Using a military approach, Team Rubicon create order in the chaos caused by disaster, deploying teams of highly skilled volunteers to provide life-saving aid to those who need it most. Whether on UK soil or at the other side of the world, their objective is the same – to provide hope to those who have survived disaster, going where the need is greatest. Life in the armed forces is truly unique. Military skills and experience cannot be replicated in the civilian world. They repurpose those skills to the benefit of others. 

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