Running my first 5k since my brain surgery!

by Heidi Cursley in Bournemouth, England, United Kingdom

Running my first 5k since my brain surgery!
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My aim is to forfill one of my goals I set while I was ill, to raise money for good causes and get fit!

by Heidi Cursley in Bournemouth, England, United Kingdom

Before I became ill I enjoyed  running, but on the 21st of August 2013 I collapsed and had several seizures, when I got to the hospital they told my husband that I had an hour to live..  when I finally regained consciousness the devastating news came that I would need to undergo brain surgery for 2 un-ruptured AVM’s, during the scans for these operations they also found a benign brain tumour! My world stopped and I would have done anything to change my future! But I realised I could not.. I realised then if I cannot change my future then I will make sure I can help with changing someone else’s! So I ran and raised money for the neuro unit.. after these efforts I had my first surgery which went well, but my last surgery did not go to plan and it took me a long time to recover. Then I acheived my other goal,  The second child! Our beautiful baby girl Athena-Hope... now after recovering from another Caesarean section and losing just over a stone and a half I have booked myself in to do the bournemouth 5k on Saturday the 6th Oct I know it’s not far away but I had to be sure I could do it - and I can! I am running for an extraordinary group of men who raise money for Local children! The BC Club... they have raised thousands and help so many! It would please me greatly if I could add to the pot as it’s for local children. See their web page and please give what you can to get my backside over that finish line! Thank you so much.. 

Love Heidi. Xx 

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