Running Beats - Virtual Running Medals and more 2

by Running Beats in Ipswich, England, United Kingdom

Running Beats - Virtual Running Medals and more 2
We did it
On 11th December 2019 we successfully raised £120 with 7 supporters in 56 days

Running Beats Virtual Running has a vision; to create a place to run, be rewarded with medals and create a supportive community together.

by Running Beats in Ipswich, England, United Kingdom

Hi I'm Helen and I am setting up the amazing "Running Beats" a placed which is designed to be..

*Inclusive for everyone right back from beginners, to those with some experience and regular runners who all love to be rewarded for the miles they move!  

*Encouraging runners who are young and old, fast and slow one gets left out! and everyone can run to achieve the same medal.

*Awarding you with Unique designs and high quality medals. 

Running Beats aims to create a website where you can sign up to the medals you want to achieve and where a community of like minded people can discuss what they are running to beat, maybe its a time, maybe its a health issue, whatever you want  to run to beat; having a goal in mind and a reward will help you to achieve this!

People with Goals do Achieve amazing things! 

Health Benefits & Rewards ...Whats in it for you?

Running, jogging and walking all have huge health benefits, and we want to be reward you. 

Over the past 5 years the more I have been around runners & supporters and the more time I have spent talking to people at events such as : 


*Great local runs

*Great East Runs

*The London Marathon

*Smaller local Running Events 

* And also in the office and the pub.... 

It became clear that running and exercising helps people in so many ways. Some ways people use running are :  

*To help Clearing their mind

*Fundraising for a charity event / in memory for someone 

*Raising their fitness levels, 

*To get some fresh air

*To pushing themselves to achieve more

*To Socialise with others, 

...and so many more reasons..   

Whatever your personal reason WE WANT YOU ! ... to be involved and we want ALL OF YOU to gain recognition for all of your hard work, and will be rewarded with amazing medals, completely unique .. because you deserve it!  

We managed to raise a small amount earlier this year however not what we need to carry the project through .. we therefore need to continue crowdfunding to raise the funds needed for all of the below: 

Full branding exercise  and guideline creation .. 

Trademark check

Website build 

Advertising campaigns

Medal design and manufacture of 2 medals and ribbons for 2019, one being our launch medal shown and the other for a new design to appear later in the year. (preview below) also current logo to be re-branded. 

How will we create company turnover gong forward you ask?

Well quite simply, for every virtual run signed up you pay a fee .. this fee covers the lovely well deserved medal you will be awarded with, the cost of delivery to you, a small contribution to cover the website running and advertising, and then a small portion of money into our creative pot, which will be used to create more lovely medals for you all .. and allow us to grow the business . 

We know this format works, and we know we can do it better than anyone else .. we just need that little bit of financial support to get passed the first hurdle .. and then we are up and Running! (deliberate pun!) 

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