Running to support the Black Curriculum

by Liam Mayhew in London, England, United Kingdom

Running to support the Black Curriculum
We did it
On 22nd October 2020 we successfully raised £240 with 15 supporters in 56 days

Running 2.6 miles each day during September, totalling 78 miles (3x marathons). Money raised will support the Black Curriculum.

by Liam Mayhew in London, England, United Kingdom

The Black Curriculum is an essential social enterprise in the UK that contribute to the education of young children by "Re-imagining the future of education through Black British history" (The Black Curriculum). 

Founded in 2019, The Black Curriculum aims to provide efficient Black British history programmes in schools by providing teachers with suitable training. Secondly, The Black Curriculum is incorporating donations to fund a scheme titled 'The Springboard Programme', which provide free out of school arts and black history sessions aimed at young black and BAME (aged 12-15) people in the UK. 

The Black Curriculum is a crucial organisation towards ensuring our children receive an education that represents an honest reflection of our history. 

I am passionate about advocating for educational reform that can provide a positive impact on children, regardless of racial identity. Inclusive history will enable BAME children to develop a sense of identity within the school environment and feel included in the curriculum. As an adult, most of us understand emotions connected to feeling excluded. These experiences can leave us feeling isolated and unappreciated. Imagine these emotions, continuously, as a young child, feeling isolated from the curriculum and wider school experience; we can change this.  

Children who identify racially as white will also benefit from the inclusion of a more honest, critically reflected history syllabus in the curriculum. This can help by developing an understanding of the sacrifices made by other ethnicities in order to be accepted into our society, further understanding links between prejudice, racism, and history. The Black Curriculum, if acknowledged and supported, have the opportunity to argue for change within our curriculum. Please donate to support progressive teaching. 

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