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Started on 18th May 2021 Surbiton, England, United Kingdom

Having become rather acquainted with my coach, my mind and body are now ready for a new challenge and my heart is set on raising as much money as I can for a charity that like so many others has suffered through the pandemic. 

Throughout our many lockdowns my thoughts have often been with the impressive folks that I met on my cycle across Malawi; reflecting on their resilience for dealing with adversity, their smiles that have never left me but also a resounding worry for how this will pandemic will affect them both in the short and long term. 

As some of you may know in 2019, I had the honour of visiting Sam’s village, an eco village set up by African Vision Malawi. It is a self-sustaining training village with solar power and permaculture gardens built to support local people especially women, orphans and those with disabilities who are often marginalised by the rest of society. You aren’t likely to hear about it, in a world where we have been fighting for our own survival through covid, but they need our help now more than ever. I was gutted to hear that as a result of the pandemic they are not able to deliver their training courses that enable so many to become self supporting in their communities. Though their resilient spirit has inspired and kept me going at times, we know that our developing world will not bounce back as quickly as we hope to.  So I’m going to do my high and low for my running legs and hope that as many of you kind folk as possible consider making a donation to spur me on.

My fitness has certainly been challenged in recent months following a rather nasty bout of covid in November... and a number of lingering complaints... but I’m so determined to rack up the miles and pennies to keep Sam’s village thriving. If you are able please donate via the link....


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