Running Ultra Marathons through 2021 and beyond

Running Ultra Marathons through 2021 and beyond


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Started on 8th March 2021 Blaina, Wales, United Kingdom

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Adam Rykala posted an update on 8th March 2021

Back to the hills - ~40K in Tirpentwys

Tirpentwys Slog


I spent much of February doing short, higher intensity runs to build cardiovascular fitness, and so to mark my return to ultra's as they're now starting to be setup - I did a ~40K run down Mynydd James towards Tirpentwys and back. As well as using my Fenix 6, I took my Garmin handheld GPS - time to get the old map reading in the mind again!

Using a new set of Garmin Maps (from here) that show rights of ways I planned a route down - and it's sad to see that many ROW's are now overgrown or out of service. But these maps do allow me to be much more explorative in my routes.So now it's back to doing ~100K per week to get the legs up to scratch again!

I'm now an radio ham now, so I take the radio on jaunts as a voice in the silence as well as a backup emergency communication tool. You never know if things may go wrong!


Adam Rykala posted an update on 17th March 2021

Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

The Wye Valley Ultra has been postponed till DECEMBER! And so I have transferred my entry to this is later (26th June rather than May 8th!)

Going in a loop from just outside Talgarth, down towards Abergavenny and back!


Adam Rykala posted an update on 31st March 2021

First 50K of 2021!

  Southward sojourn


With the cancellation of the Wye, I was aware that my usual 3-monthly long run was overdue! So off to Garmin Connect and plot a route. I decided to explore new vista's today, heading south to Newbridge, then over to Blackwood and up the Sirhowy Valley cycle path to Tredegar, then over to Rassau, Brynmawr and then home!


I've lived in this area over 50 years it's still a great pleasure to find new routes, new paths and new vista's. I never realised the area from The Rock to Bedwellty Pits was so beautiful when all you normally see from it on the road is a few houses....

With my vaccine jab tomorrow, it seemed the right time to get the 50K in!

Adam Rykala posted an update on 17th April 2021

Getting ready for June!

After spending all yesterday umming and ahhing on where I was going to go today... Llangynidr? Manmoel? Blaenavon?.... I decided instead to just follow my nose and explore some paths I've noticed before but not followed. Was well worth the endeavour!

This was a good practice run for #blackmountainsultra2021 in June, and not as long (37K rather than 64K) there is a serious amount of climb with this run (1066m or 3500ft!) . Weather was warm, but not unduly so and as a result gave these old legs a good testing..


Adam Rykala posted an update on 29th April 2021

Upping the ante....

Now it's getting the distance under the belt! I have a new training schedule that incorporates :

2 Half marathons per week, one focussed on pace/time, the other climb

2 Base runs - 60mins @ Z2 with a 10 CD

2 Recovery runs - 30 mins @ Z1

and an end of week trail of 25K+

It's hard (Duw, it's hard!) but it's definitely getting results on the old VO2 Max!


Adam Rykala posted an update on 9th May 2021

#1000milesin2021 completed!

A good cheering fact is that for the third year in a row I've hit the 1000 mile target in early May. And that's especially cheering since how lockdown meant that some of my favourite long distance routes were curtailed!

Not long now till #BlackMountainsUltra2021 -BlackMountainsUltra2021 is 26th June 2021


Back in the saddle!


Just to announce I'm entering my first Ultra since the ... Unique Brecon 2 Cardiff 2020. I'll be entering the Wye Valley 40 miler in May and as it's close to Usk I'll like to announce I'll be fund raising for the frankly amazing Usk New Start Cat Rescue branch .

UPDATE: The Wye Valley has been cancelled and so I've transferred my entry to the Black Mountains Ultra in June.

As it uses the Race Nation app closer to the time I will give out my Friend Code so you will be able to on the day track me and send me messages as I run !!! Nutrition will be from the fantastic  Food Circle Supermarket who have really good prices!!!

The Wye Valley 40miler is here:

The intention is then to enter and aim towards the original target I had before Covid struck and changed everything -a 100K/24 hour race. Currently the target is either a Lake District 100K or one in the Llyn Peninsula.

My first Ultra was the Vale Coastal Ultra in 2019, then I did the VOGUM, the Two Tunnels and then the Gower Coastal Ultra - and in 2020 I managed the Brecon 2 Cardiff (and Storm Ciara!!!) before it all locked down.

Hopefully as we start the long slow, cautious return to normality I can get back to what I love!

Race Nation App (for tracking, messaging) 




Samantha Murray commented

Adam you are truly inspirational. Thank you for what you are doing. All the best x

9th May 2021 at 6:02pm
Samantha murray pledged £25 + an est. £6.25 in Gift Aid
9th May 2021 at 6:01pm
Wendy Chernabrow commented

a little to start...much love & success

10th March 2021 at 12:09am

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