Rule of 6 (essential oils)

by Viktoria Trnovska in London, England, United Kingdom

Rule of 6 (essential oils)
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I came up with the idea that to achieve perfect harmony mentally and physically, every individual could turn to the power of essential oils.

by Viktoria Trnovska in London, England, United Kingdom

I have been working with essential oils my whole life and got my family to feel their superpower also.

The 6 main essential oils that no one should be without are definitely Tea Tree, Lavender, Mint, Lemon and Eucalyptus and as a carrier Almond oil. Tee Tree and Lavender can be applied as they are straight to the skin and mucous membrane to help you relieve the pain. The rest of the oils, besides Almond, can be used for inhalling or you can also use them in your diffuser. This also counts for Lavender and Tea Tree. Almond oil is great for massages and healing baths to mostly relieve your physical pain.

I want to provide to each client all the information and guidance on how to get started on bringing oils to their everyday busy life. If they would be interested I then can provide them with a starter kit including all six essential oils and a leaflet that explains everything; of course I would still provide my help and experiences. Plus a little gift to brighten up their day even more.

It is strongly believed by me that essential oils can really change one's life and turn it around. You just have to understand which oil to use for certain areas and I am here to help you with that.

With almond oil being a carrier it means that it carries the oils on the skin so the strong oils do not harm skin. You can mix any oil with almond and have a perfect blend of your choice.

Essential oils can be also used in your household for everyday use as cleaning and desinfective elements. This is very important especially during pandemic. It is gently towards the environment and also us humans.

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