ruksak45218 - Relieving Child Poverty

by ruksak45218 in Southwick, England, United Kingdom

ruksak45218 - Relieving Child Poverty
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ruksak45218 provide young persons aged 5 to 18 with essentials in a rucksack, such as bedding, clothing, toiletries and sportswear

by ruksak45218 in Southwick, England, United Kingdom

This Campaign from Ruksak45218 is a call for society and the community to end Poverty in Childhood, that is causing young persons to not be able to achieve, goals, aspirations and potential.

Who are we?

Ruksak45218 are a non profit organisation, that encourage the public/local community to assist in filling a rucksack with essential items for young persons aged 5 to 18, the contents can include bedding, toiletries, school stationery, reading books, exam revision books, sleeping bags, sports clothes, sports equipment, re furbished laptops and tablets.

Ruksak45218 are an organisation that is calling for a compassionate approach in dealing with child poverty and not attaching blame, just a genuine and non -  judgemental approach to those in need.

Ruksak45218 are committed to providing resources, that enable the promotion of the Equality Act, for children and young persons.

Ruksak45218 are calling for a sensible and balanced debate on the effects of Childhood Poverty and how it affects our young persons.

Ruksak45218 has 2 co - founders Rory Donaldson and Lee Fletcher, they are both fully committed to the care, support, encouragement and aspirations of young persons, they seek to foster relationships with families, young persons, medical persons, Social Services, Educational establishments, Politicians and decision makers, that are concerned with the effects of Childhood Poverty.

What do we do?

We provide a rucksack that has essential items in it, such as clothing, bedding, toiletries, exam revision books, reading books, sportswear, sports equipment, tablets and laptops (data cleansed and re furbished).

(Referrals are made online/via post/via phone – against eligibility criteria)

Ruskak45218 are committed to keeping up to date with the latest trends, what is in the news, and will actively encourage the community, to continually be aware of Childhood Poverty, until it is eradicated.

#ruksak45218 What do we need?

We urgently need to extend our reach into the community, through research, campaigning, open days and a strong social media presence, and other activities, that promote and encourage the Relief of Poverty in Childhood and provide best support for both young persons and their families.  We need to be working alongside other partners to achieve this goal.

To do this we need to fund:

  • Salary costs for a full time Youth Support Worker
  • Promotional material for ruksak45218
  • Website development costs and maintenance 
  • Room hire fees for open days and meetings 
  • Purchasing of rucksacks and contents  
  • Mentoring program for young persons 
  • Resource materials for schools and colleges 

We receive funding via grants from various sources and donations from the public and the volunteering of time and resources from a fantastic group of volunteers.

Support for #ruksak45218

We must find the financial backing to enable ruksak45218 to make a difference in the lives of young persons and their families. 

Please support #ruksak45218, so that we can continue this vital and important work.

We are encouraged to start this campaign, due to the amount of young persons, that though no fault of their own, are having their future goals dashed, aspirations dented and potential limited – this must be addressed NOW. 

Please support us. #ruksak45218

Thank you.

Rory Donaldson and Lee Fletcher – Co founders of Ruksak45218

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