sports clothing For kids and Clubs

by Help for community projects in Leeds, England, United Kingdom

sports clothing  For kids and Clubs
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Unfortunately this project was not successful.

The project im starting is about manufacturing garments to allow more kids nationwide to have access to sports clothing and get active

by Help for community projects in Leeds, England, United Kingdom

Adults and kids playing sport is one of the best things you can do for keeping active meeting people and creating good life values, I personally think sports shops and professional clubs charge way too much for clothing and sports garments ,Im talking good quality garments , quite often i see clubs struggling for funds to help there community projects grow and having to rely on raffles bingo and the good grace of sponsors in order to make money, I hit on an idea 18months ago that good quality sports clothing can be manufactured to a high spec in the far east namely Pakistan brought over here and supplied at a small cost to clubs who can then realize the potential of the garments and raise much needed funds to plow back in to there community projects helping young and old alike to get active . boys clubs girls clubs men,s women,s etc , example a strip across the board produced for say a mens rugby club typically £490.00 imagine if they could get the same at £100.00 and the savings for smaller age groups are even better  ive built up an extensive portfolio of people who are more than capable of making this happen , but in order for me to achieve this i need funding to get this off the ground what little funds i have really im only scratching the surface there are forgotten people who give there time and effort to help community clubs with no thanks at the end of it i intend to change all that and go in to the community with this project   please help me  

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