RudeBoyz Apparel

RudeBoyz Apparel

I am a young ambitious teen looking for funding to launch a brand new clothing line in the U.K.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

RudeBoyz Apparel


I am an ambitious 19 year old currently in the process of starting my new exciting clothing line RudeBoyz Apparel. I have done all of the groundwork myself. I have had the clothes designed and samples are currently being produced and printed.

Where you come in

However, to further my development for this project, I need help with funding. Clothing manufacturers take minimum orders and as a young man of 19, I do not have the finances to support this myself.

By funding this...

By funding this project you are helping me to fulfill my dreams and ambitions of becoming the owner and distributor of an exciting new designer clothing line. 

By being a part of this new venture and it becoming successful, you will in hand be a part of me being able to employ others and be helping a local business succeed.


I could be 19-year-old claiming benefits and doing nothing all day. However, I am motivated, ambitious and hard working and just trying to make my dreams come true and in turn, help others.

So please help me to help them.

Thanks in advance.