Rubbish in C Major

New wave musical theatre production to educate about the amount of plastic in our oceans in a fun, immersive and spine tingling way

We did it!

On 21st Jun 2017 we successfully raised £730 with 21 supporters in 21 days

Here’s the thing:-

  • 8 million tonnes of plastic is dumped into the oceans every year, if that continues to happen by 2050 there'll be more plastic in the ocean than fish!
  • Large pieces of plastic break down into small… small pieces of plastic that are then being consumed by sea creatures and wildlife and is therefore entering our food chain.
  • Sea wildlife living near the oceans from the Med to Antarctica is dying from mistaking plastic for their food.
What we want to do
We want to  produce an educational musical theatre event 'Rubbish in C Major’ aka 'Rubbish'. 
‘Rubbish’ will mainly be for children, but adults also (because what's a good show without some adult humour?!). It will be a musical adaptation of the famous underwater fantasy 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea. 
We’ll be making this show out of reclaimed plastic and materials - from companies, and from beach cleans that we regularly join to do our part. From these materials, expect large scale puppetry, big beats, mesmorising lighting, and props that will make you go 'whoa'. 
Why us
Two creative but frustrated friends dreamt of helping to reduce the toxic plastic in our oceans by educating people about it, and we thought ten years of experience in education, the arts, events and production should help to guide us on how we do it.
Who's joined us already 
Thanks to the generous support of the Children's Scrapstore in Bristol and The Berkeley Group we already have a large collection of materials and have started to make props, all of which are currently continously being showcased in events around Bristol.
(above - ‘Stan’ our reclaimed plastic jellyfish taking shape…)
(UV aquatic props being used for stage decor at Subsonic Weekender Festival 2017)
We are always in contact with many supporting organisations with a common interest that are willing and waiting to get this project and production up and running.  
Bristol Aquarium, CAPS childrens group, Colston's Girls School Trust and City to Sea have all been fundamental to getting us going, and with their encouragement and interest we see a long future in using 'Rubbish' as a tool to educate.
How your support will help
 Any questions welcomed at, please also follow us at
For our first move, we went to the aquarium with some kids to see what they thought of the issue and it became clear that this project is important to many, but especially them... we hope you enjoy this video of what the children think...  Please donate !!!

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