Rubber Roof Aggregate - From recycled car tyres

Rubber Roof Aggregate - From recycled car tyres

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Patent Application Number: GB2534206

Made from Recycled Vehicle Tyres, these chipping's will reflect solar radiation, and significantly reducing the thermal load exerted on your flat roof in the summer months.

Reduces The Carbon Footprint of your BuildingKeeps Buildings Cooler in the Summer Keeps Buildings Warmer in the WinterThe most eco-frienly solution to these common problems you will find.Patent Pending

Description & Purpose:

Rubber Roof Aggregate is the worlds first, all in one, insulator, protector and solar reflective roof aggregate.

It will help keep your building cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

It is made from recycled vehicle tyres and an engineered, flame proof, solar reflective coating and can be easily installed to any flat or low pitched roof, New or Old

Rubber Roof Aggregate reduces the carbon footprint of buildings.Rubber Roof Aggregate reduces the amount of vehicle tyres being taken to landfill.It is designed to provide an energy efficient insulating and solar reflective material that protects, beautifies and pre- serves old and new low pitch and flat roofs.

It can also be used as an alternative to stone chippings due to its thermal out-performance.

Due to its lightweight design it can also be used on buildings with timber or lighter designed sub-structures.

Outstanding Features:


Prolongs roof life.

Reduces maintenance needs.

The reflective properties of the Rubber Roof Aggregate will reflect up to 60% of the suns rays. That is typically 5 times more than conventional gravelled roofs.

Ultra Violet radiation, the major cause of ageing and deterioration of your roofs surface, is one of the radiations that are reflected by the Rubber Roof Aggregate.

The reflective coating reflects a significant amount of the suns heat producing infra-red radiation.

This in turn helps keep the roof surface cool, thus prolonging the life expectancy of the underlying roof coverings and keeping the building cooler internally.


By reflecting heat producing infra-red radiation and lowering surface temperatures, Rubber Roof Aggregate can significantly reduce summertime cooling loads in air conditioned buildings and reduce interior temperatures of buildings that are not air conditioned.

Buildings also hugely benefit from Rubber Roof Aggregate in winter.

Because Rubber has the ability to slowly store heat and slowly release it, which is a feature that is further enhanced with the solar reflective coating.

Rubber Roof Aggregate can minimize winter heat loss and acts as an excellent thermal barrier.


The Rubber Roof Aggregates enhanced flame resistant aluminum coating prevents underlying roof coverings being damaged from cigarrete ends and other smouldering devices, this can be a significant problem on low level flat roofs on public buildings and apartment blocks.

Designed to Protect a wide range of surfaces

The Rubber Roof Aggregate is compatible with all known flat and low pitch roof surfaces.

It provides effective protection for both old and new roof surfaces.

The superior protection afforded by Rubber Roof Aggregate and its effects on energy consumption make it a cost saving coating for a wide variety of industrial, commercial, agricultural and residential structures and surfaces.

Easy to apply

Rubber Roof Aggregate is applied direct from its packaging onto the roof surface. It can be levelled by hand or by using soft rakes or basic tools.


IMPORTANT: Rubber Roof Aggregate is a premium quality material for roofs, designed to increase reflectivity and prolong the life of the roof to which is applied, It will also act as an excellent winter insulator and summer cooler.

It is not a waterproofing material. It is recommended for use over both old and new roofs.

Some variations in colour and reflectivity may occur between different batches of Rubber Roof Aggregate.

PREPARATION: The roof surface should be sound and should drain water freely. Because standing water accelerates deterioration of all asphalt roofing products, and stagnation of standing water can lead to spread of mould, mildew and algae and produce unpleasant odours.

The Installation of Rubber Roof Aggregate in areas of standing water may cause premature discolouration of the reflective coating and reduce overall performance.

The roof surface should be clear of all waste and debris and the roof area checked for defects. Any repairs required should be carried out prior to installation of Rubber Roof Aggregate.

APPLICATION: Rubber Roof Aggregate is applied direct from its packaging onto the roof surface at the ratios specified.

It can be levelled by hand or by using soft rakes or basic tools.

Edge retaining systems are available for 120mm installations.

Wire balloons should be installed to drainage sumps.


Pre-insulated roofs

It is recommended that the Rubber Roof Aggregate be installed to a minimum depth of 30mm. This can be achieved by installing at a rate of 10 kg per metre squared.

Non-insulated roofs

It is recommended that the Rubber Roof Aggregate be installed to a depth of 120mm. This can be achieved by installing at a rate of 40kg per metre squared.

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