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Living Rent is an exciting grassroots tenants' union which has been taking lots of my energy over the last years and achieving wonders!

by Emma Saunders in Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom

So you know me, so i'll just jump straight to why i've spend over the last few weeks running in the hills, trying to see the fox in my neighbourhood, and enjoying the morning songs of birds :)

Living Rent started from scratch in 2014 to organise across Scotland, empowering tenants to support each other, fight against evictions, and introduce rent controls. It's been one of the most intense, rewarding an humbling experiences i've ever had (actually). I've been active since 2015, first in Edinburgh , then nationally and became the chair of the union in 2018. Since, I've learned to write funding applications, organise a budget, recruit organisers, manage organisers, empower other tenants (and chasing after then is like herding cats!), think through our strategy and so so so much more!  It's been wonderful to see tenants from all backgrounds come together and have a taste of their own power. To keep growing - we reached over 500 members last month - we need organisers (no surprise there :)). And to get organisers, if i'm not going to spend the last months of my PhD writing funding applications, we need funding :) 

So i'm running a half-marathon and hoping that the promise of my red face and tired limbs will entice you into chipping in to support Living Rent's vision of building tenants' power across Scotland. Any money i raise will go specifically towards supporting an organiser in Edinburgh, as we no longer have a staff member and this means that we aren't supporting tenants as best as we could. We function on a dues model, with the vision that, with some start up money, we can then become more sustainable (and we have become sustainable for 1,5 jobs at the moment, which starting from 0 in 2016 is an achievement!). All the funds I raise will go towards this 'start-up' money :)

(and help me focus on my PhD instead of funding applications ^^)

PS: some people are doing direct bank transfer, so i am amending the page's financial goals to reflect their contribution (and feel like progress is being achieved), so don't freak out about this!

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