RS Quest boat fund

RS Quest boat fund

Having our own RS Quest sailing dinghy will allow us to offer advancement through our sailing pathways from beginner to RYA instructor.

We did it!

On 5th Dec 2016 we successfully raised £575 with 6 supporters in 30 days

Who are we and what do we do?

We are Sandwell Sea Cadets (Training Ship Albion) across the country there are 400 sea cadet units run by 9,000 volunteers, supporting 14,000 young people aged 10-18.  The charity is run from its head office in London which also provides national training centres and boat stations for units to use.  Each unit is an independent charity and are run by a team of dedicated volunteers from the local community. 

Sea Cadets is unique as unlike any other cadet force we are not fully funded by the government.  It receives about 54% of its funding from the Royal Navy but each unit must then fundraise for the other half to cover running costs and purchase training equipment.  We offer a wide variety of opportunities from Adventure training to all manner of waterborne activities such as sailing, power boating and kayaking. 

There's nothing more thrilling or challenging than being out on the water, especially when you're growing up.  The activities we offer help young people to experience adventure, personally develop and gain valuable qualifications along the way.  Sea Cadets offers an environment where young people find new confidence and inspiration, helping them to develop life skills like team work and independence through nautical adventure.  To help ensure cadets really do get a head start in life we need to - make the experience more attractive, ensure the experience remains exciting and challenging and to ensure flexibility and accessibility of appropriate learning to equip volunteers to deliver the cadet experience. 

Armistice Day - Ormiston Forge Academy 11.11.2016

V.I.P on board:

Community work - selling poppies for the Royal British Legion at WBA  football ground:

Recruitment at Ormiston Forge Academy's open day:

Qualifications & Competitions:

Ships company having fun:

What are we raising funds for?

To help us enhance our current training programme and to enable our cadets to benefit more from the experience and skills our adult volunteers have to offer, we want to add an RS Quest sailing dinghy to our fleet of boats.  The RS Quest dinghies are light and easy to launch, stable enough to inspire confidence for those just starting out, it can carry up to four people and is dynamic enough to have fun getting to grips with Spinnaker skills and planing conditions too.  They are perfect for cadet units wanting to inspire more young people to get out on the water.  The Marine Society and Sea Cadets (MSSC) is committed to enabling young people to realise sailing opportunities and worked with RS Sailing, a world class leading company, to develop an industry standard dinghy that specifically meets Sea Cadets needs. 

What do people have to say about us?

"My son loves going to Sea Cadets as he loves the water, he is learning a lot and has made some great friends.  He is gaining qualifications and experience along the way.  I would recommend to all children, male and female" Mrs Stones

"Since joining the Sea Cadets my daughter has gone from being quiet and insecure to a confident young lady, who isn't afraid to get involved anymore" Miss Smith

"I enjoy Sea Cadets as I like the interaction with the cadets and the fact that they can learn new skills to help them in life.  I have a sense of pride in my uniform and representing a great youth charity organisation, and as a whole, both adults and cadets get to meet some great people and make new friends, some of which can be friends for life" Commanding Officer PO(SCC) S. Trevis

"At Ormiston Forge Academy we work really closely with Sandwell Sea Cadets. They are official partners of the academy and most of their cadets attend our Academy. The Sea Cadet unit do a fantastic job of developing confidence and providing opportunities and enrichment for our young people. The service gives our students the chance to develop self-discipline through service" Andrew Burns - Principal of Ormiston Forge Academy. 

"...I have been lucky enough to go on Training Ship Royalist, I gained a lot of experience of working on a ship, got to see many different places and had lots of fun.  I have been on lots of different courses and am one of only 16 cadets out of 14,000 to have gained my Advanced Seamanship qualification this year..." Able Cadet T. Harvey (aged 15)

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