Roy Cat needs £450 for an amputation

by Nikki Got Nails in Harlow, England, United Kingdom

Roy Cat needs £450 for an amputation


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We need help to pay for Roy to have his toe removed and improve his life. The Vet has quoted £450 which is better than we thought

by Nikki Got Nails in Harlow, England, United Kingdom

Roy is  a 9 year old Ginger Tom and the most gentle, loving, strange and funny cat you could ever wish to meet. 

A few years ago he developed a lump on his left toe, I took him to the rspca in the stow and the vet examined him and said that it was a bone cyst and that if it wasn’t bothering him just leave it.

Now Roys lump has started to grow! He is uncomfortable, the lump wobbles, it gets knocked on things, he hops along and licks at it.

We have been quoted £450 which is great as I thought it would be much more but it’s still out of my price range

Please if anyone could help us give Roy his quality of life back that would just be amazing!

Thank You

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