Rowanfield Rovers Pavillion Fund

Rowanfield Rovers Pavillion Fund

Funding for a Children's community football project to renovate a derelict building & bring a sense of community back to the local area

We did it!

On 19th Apr 2016 we successfully raised £30 with 3 supporters in 56 days


Having lived overlooking the park for many years it became apparent that a lot of anti social behaviour was happening and the park was going downhill.  Nearly 2 years ago a moped was set on fire in the park and the local football changing rooms were completely fire damaged and unusable.  This has been left since and is now a dangerous drug den with the condition of the building becoming worse over time; it currently doesn't have a roof so all weather is pouring in and the building is completely derelict.  In 2014 I set up training sessions for some local children to attend to give them purpose and team building / community spirit as kids are hanging around with nothing to do.  It became apparant over a few weeks that the boys requested we started a youth team which was then affiliated with FA League in the Under 12's.  Since then we have had a huge response from local young children; I now cater for children starting at 5 up to 13 and even going up to 14 year old next season. 

Since we have started the training sessions its become apparent we need to look for premises to run from as we are rapidly growing and there is a real need in the community for this.  A constant stream of parents are getting in touch about joining our club and we can only see this need getting greater.  We emquired about the derelict building and with the Police's backing and other community groups thinking it's a great idea we have managed to put together a business plan.  This was passed onto the council who have agreed we can have the lease on the building but they won't offer any funding for the project.  Even though it is a local community childrens project to encourage physical activinty not anti social behaviour.

As there is no funding available, and with a tight timescale to complete all renovation work within 6 months the pressure is on to not let the children down! We have applied for some funding but with the building needing urgent attention and to be gutted completely and then re-roofed and re-wired along with a complete internal refit, even if we do get the funding this won't be enough to complete all the work needed.

As it is such a fabulous community project some local businesses are prepared to help where they can but we still need actual monetary funding

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