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On 8th April 2015 we successfully raised £5,400 with 47 supporters in 56 days

A challenge for a team representing the UK to emulate the Olympic journey from London to Rio using a combination of rowing and cycling.

by row2rio in London

New stretch target

We are aiming to follow the Olympic journey from London to Rio de Janeiro using human power alone with a combination of rowing and cycling. Find us on Facebook and  Twitter Our Aim We have created a challenge that will coincide with the Olympic venue making its crossing from London over the Atlantic Ocean to Rio de Janeiro. The challenge aims to continue the legacy of the Olympics by following that journey using human power alone. The route itself has never before been completed meaning the Row2Rio team will be the pioneers. With full backing from the Ocean Rowing Society and support from ocean rowing experts, we have plotted a route which will allow us to complete the journey using only an ocean rowing boat, bicycles, and the four team members willpower. We invite you to follow and support us over the coming months leading up to the departure and beyond while we are attempting to complete the challenge. Leading up to the event we will be fully immersed in the training, fundraising, charity work and raising awareness for our challenge. Whilst out on the journey we will be issuing regular updates via satellite phone to our media feeds. Our Team Meet the team who built the dream   JOHNNY KEEVILLJAKE HEATHTOM CLARK Johnny Keevill Mel Parker Jake Heath Tom Clark   Route The route takes place over 5 stages and nearly 7,000 miles.     Phase 1: London to France to Gibraltar   Kayaking and Cycling 1500 Miles  21 Days Travel Time     Phase 2: Gibraltar to Cape Verde   Rowing 1500 Nautical Miles  Approximately 1 month     Phase 3: Cape Verde to Belem   Rowing 1600 Nautical Miles  Approximately 2 months     Phase 4: Belem to Salvador   Cycling 1400 miles  Approximately 1 month     Phase 5: Salvador to Rio   Rowing Approximately 2 weeks   Costs Involved Below is the breakdown of what we are looking for from Crowdfunder. The neccessity for a boat is our top priority, and a full quote of equipment for an Ocean Rowing Boat is below. We have attained a quote of £30,000 to cover the following:

  • 1 x R45 Charter Spec Ocean Rowing Boat
  • 3 x sets of carbon oars
  • Navigation light - Necessary for the night rowing
  • 2 x 12v accessory sockets - To keep us connected
  • 1 x Watermaker - To give us extra fresh water when required
  • Raymarine class C DSC VHF radio - For emergency contact
  • Raymarine charplotter - To help us navigate
  • Raymarine autopilot - To enable us to row without constantlt changing our course
  • Power Source system
  • 2 x 96ah deep cycle gel battery - To keep us charged!
  • 180w flexible solar panels - Unfortunately we can't use mains power!
  • 1 x road trailer
  Once we have the funds for the boat this will enable to us give a huge push towards the costs of the rest of the trip. A summary breakdown of the further costs are below:
  • Dried food for the duration of the journey £20,000
  • Satellite phone costs £4,000
  • Shipping of the boat and the bikes £15,000
  • Cycling Equipment £10,000
  • Transportation for the return £2500
  Sponsorship Benefits We are looking for the sponsors to work closely with our team and experience this one off challenge first hand. You will be provided with an excellent opportunity to raise the profile and brand perception on a national and international stage. Our aim is to capture global imagination and attention with this challenge. We plan to arrive in Rio in time for the opening ceremony of the 2016 Olympics, hoping this will provide the ideal stage to promote your brand on an international scale with wide spread media coverage throughout the challenge. The team will be available for profile/sponsorship events, providing talks, Q and A sessions and promotional events. We are heavily involved with social media promotion at present and of course linking everything with partners via our social media sites and online media. When doing events for the row, time will be dedicated to bring to the audiences mind to this world first event, promoting our charities, the work they do now and in the future and our partners. We are currently signed up to participate in events at schools and run events to promote the message using our row as the catalyst. During the row we will have satellite phones to use on coordinated days doing interviews which can be linked to partners websites and our own which we have already set up Once the team have arrived in Rio, we plan to see what the charity work has achieved there and also still promote our partners during our stay over the Olympic event. We also endeavour to have many events upon our return to the UK to continue with the fundraising campaign and talk about our experience. We plan to depart London in November 2015, so this now only gives us 10 months to raise all of the funds required. So any help in doing this will be greatly appreciated, and of course rewarded through us making it a truly remarkable achievement that will capture the minds of everyone who will see it.   Charity Whilst carrying out the challenge, the team wish to raise as much money as possible for Macmillan. Each team member has been affected in some way by cancer so we feel very strongly about the work that Macmillan do. Raising this money will keep the team even more motivated to achieve their goal.    Partners Helping to Make This Challenge Possible                          Independent Leaders Twenty Fitness Victym GMBO "We have been working with the team since from very early on, and the momentum seems to keep picking up."  "Having worked and trained with the guys from R2R before the team were excited to be involved with such a huge challenge! Only too pleased to show our support."  "I have worked with some of the team before, and knew that it was going to be an exciting project to be a part of"  "It's been a pleasure so far helping the team build up their website, and we look forward to seeing the success as they continue."   Timeline of Key Events from Row2Rio Creation April 2012 - Johnny Keevill competed in the DW Kayak Race concept of Row2Rio was born 2013
  • Initial enquiries into potential team mates
  • Begin research into ocean rowing
  • Jake Heath joins Row2Rio
  • Meet Chris Martin - Ocean rower and Pioneer of the Pacific Rowing Race
  • Olympic rower Debbie Flood gives Johnny his first rowing experience at Leander rowing club.
  • Working with GMBO the website is born
  • Twitter account born and first Twitter follower
  • R2R compete in the Great South Run
  • Initial discussions with Independent Leaders to come aboard as sponsors.
January 2014
  • Tom Clark joins in training advisory role
  • R2R compete in ‘Brutal 10’ Run
February 2014
  • Tom Clark joins as a rower
  • Independent Leaders agree to working together
March 2014
  • R2R compete in the Surrey half marathon
April 2014
  • Contact made with Rannoch to discuss ocean rowing boat options
  • Facebook account born
  • R2R compete in the Devizes to Westminster kayak marathon
  • R2R compete in the ‘Brutal 10’ Bordon Run
May 2014
  • PR Strategy agreed
September 2014
  • Steff McQueen joins the Row2Rio team as project coordinator
  • Facebook page is launched
  • Compete in 60 mile bike ride
  • Training schedule completed
October 2014
  • Meet with Chris Martin to discuss boat and sponsorship options
  • R2R compete in Kingston Breakfast 24 mile run
  • R2R compete in the Dublin Marathon
November 2014
  • First article published in Adventure Travel Magazine
  • 4th Rower search begins
December 2014
  • R2R travel to Brazil to investigate opportunities
  • Meeting with Langstone Adventure Rowing club
  • Website updates
  • Wordpress blog site created
January 2015
  • The proper rowing training begins!
  • Team weekend to discuss strategy moving forward
  • Attend London Boat Show for sponsors and contacts
  • Meeting with Stokey Woodall to discuss options for route
  • Attend Adventure Travel Show for sponsors and contacts
  • Discussions with contacts in Brazil for cycle routes
  • First blogs created
February 2015
  • Attend London Bike Show for sponsors and contacts
  • Discussion around the first leg of the cycle route and refinement of route
  • Discussions around sponsorship from sections of our cycle route
  • Instagram R2R is born
  • Developments for cycle routes
  • Website updates
  • Crowdfunder creation
Upcoming events
  • 4th rower interviews
  • Interviews with various publications
  • R2R Pub quiz
  • Meetings with Stokey Woodall and Roz Savage
  • Meeting with Independent Leaders to discuss ongoing work
  • Ride 100


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You will be added to the Row2Rio supporters page on the website, receive a mention in our social media updates and be supplied with a Row2Rio t-shirt. We will also send a digital copy of our memorable and collectable newsletter detailing the story of our row.

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You will be added to the Row2Rio supporters page and mentioned at a specific milestone in our journey. We will also supply you with a dried meal to experience our eating habits while away, and a Row2Rio hoodie or training top.

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£250 Reward

You will be added to our supporters plaque inside the boat, to our supporters page on our website and get a mention in social media at a milestone on our journey. We will supply you with a days worth of dried food to experience our eating habits and a Row2Rio training top. There will also be official invitations to our launch and return parties.

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The Individual Sponsorship Pledge will give you your name on the outside of the boat, featured on the website under partners of Row2Rio, the option of coming to join us on the boat for a training session and a days worth of dried food to experience our eating habits!

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The Corporate Catamaran pledge will allow you to feature your company name on a plaque inside the boat and be a featured partner on the website. There will also be official invitations to our launch and return parties, and some merchandise to be agreed.

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The Corporate Yacht Pledge will give you the option to have your company as a partner on our website, limited advertising space on the boat, the option to have the company name on an oar and mentions in our social media updates. There will also be official invitations to our launch and return parties, and some merchandise to be agreed.

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Corporate Sunseeker Pledge. This will give you our crowdfunder premium advertising package. This includes advertising space on the outside of the boat, company details as a partner on the website, mentions in or social media updates and company logo on our official merchandise. There will also be official invitations to our launch and return parties.

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