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Move my business to the next level. We really enjoy providing a good service to our Guests and Hirers.

by Chris Naylor in St. Leonards On Sea, England, United Kingdom

Hi There,

As you can see I live in St Leonards on Sea ( Hastings) in East Sussex. A couple of years ago we decided to buy a Motorhome for our leisure and our family enjoyed spending time together touring all over the country. Work got on top and 'Harold' our motorhome sat there doing absolutely nothing for a few months. So, we decided, if we can't use it then we should set ourselves up to facilitate others to use it and so that we can fit in personal use between bookings if we could manage to find the time. 

 We really enjoy providing this service and therefore we decided to buy a Holiday Home on the Combe Haven site not far from us, where we have now had more than 70 groups of guests since we started.
 Due to the C19 pandemic, its been a struggle to keep on top of all the costs but we managed to earn enough to keep everything in place and not lose anything. However, would you believe our luck, our motorhome got stolen and unfortunately we didn't realise that it had been stolen until 2 months later, due to us believing it was in a secure compound and having no reason to think it should be anything but happily taking time out from travels during C19 lockdown. Luckily I had a tracker installed and wired it to the Leisure battery or we wouldn't have had a chance of finding it. We got it back and had to spend just over £1500 to get it back up on the road, running and thoroughly sanitised.

Well, that's all in the past now and would rather forget about the whole experience. However, it's a scar that's not yet healed. 

Anyway, the reason why I am here is I would like to purchase more Motorhomes and setup a more substantial business and make this our main income. We have been inundated with interest from potential hirers over the last year, but as you know, with the current conditions, this was not possible and had to understandably refuse customer’s requests.  

If successful on purchasing another Motorhome, I would like to offer discounts of the Support provided to the cause and an un-expiring discount to supports. If you would like a link to see what we have to offer - please text me and I'll send you a link. Alternatively, copy and paste this link below. 

Hope you found this interesting and look forward to any questions.

Many thanks,

The Naylors 



This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£100 or more

Silver Pledge

Discounted from your stay in our Holiday Home or Motorhome Hire and an un-expiring 5% discount on any other stay

£50 or more

Bronze Pledge

This will be discounted from your stay at our Holiday Home at Combe Haven in Hastings or Motorhome hire

£250 or more

Gold Reward

Pledge Discounted from your stay with un-expiring 7.5% discount on your stay or Motorhome Hire

£1,000 or more

Platinum Reward

Full 7 night stay at our Holiday Home and/or Motorhome Hire with un-expiring 10% discount thereafter

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