Round 3 Kew Gardens Beatrix Potter HMS Belfast etc

Round 3 Kew Gardens Beatrix Potter HMS Belfast etc

Coin Collectors it's Christmas! Kew Gardens 50p £29 - Full Set Of Beatrix Potter £15 - Olympic 50p Set £45 - HMS Belfast £2 £9 Come and see

We did it!

On 20th Jan 2017 we successfully raised £14,971 of £2,000 target with 59 supporters in 56 days

New stretch target

The more the merrier, great for the extra cash flow

It's time for round 3

First of all just to say I am still working on round two and have one or two from round one to fulfill. This project is live for 56 days and by the time this is finished I hope to have serviced everybody outstanding. 

If in doubt of anything at any time just email me but please allow up to a week as I do get hundreds and hundreds of spam each week.

You probably know how this works by now but for those that don't, you pledge for an item and we then use your money to find that item. Some items will take us longer than others to find. If it takes us too long and we go over the estimated time frame we give in the description for the reward, then we refund plus 10% so you get something even if you don't get the coin. I have to be honest and say yes we have had to make some refunds previously and so it could happen.

We certainly have more experience now than we did on round one so lots of learning curves and experience to learn from. We have made some mistakes and hope that in this round 3 we can avoid any mistakes we have made because we are able make a better job, that's the plan anyway :-) 

Its important to say, at any point in the proceedings you can ask for a refund, for any reason. So if you pledge for a Kew Gardens and then before we send it you find one you might want a refund, in which case no problem. If you just change your mind you can ask for a refund. If you get fed up waiting you can ask for a refund. You can ask for a refund for any reason whatsoever at any point and we just wanted to make that clear.

Your guaranteed to get a real genuine coin. We never pass on fakes or replicas, we see loads of fakes and replicas and let me tell you there are more now than at any other time not just that but it's getting worse as each year passes, Ebay for example is awash with fakes and so is amazon.

For the first time we are introducing a set 'interest only' deal whereby you can make a pledge, not for a coin but for interest on your money so you get your money back plus a bonus interest payment depending on how long we have had and used your money.

That brings me on to what this is all really about. As an ex bankrupt, whilst my creditworthiness has increased, I still can't go and get a 20k overdraft like I was able to do 15 years ago. In fact I still can't get so much as a 50 quid overdraft so I figure the next best thing is to crowdfund and give you the customer the interest I would give a bank.

Undated 20p - We have closed this one, it was a bridge too far and caused us a lot of stress and problems. I'm sorry if you have come here wanting only that coin but there are just not enough hours in the day to look through 20p coins aloñg with other denominations. If you paid for the directions for the undated 20p and are not interested in anything else, then just email for a refund and we will be happy to sort that out. Use the contact button on this page.

Kew Gardens - We do guarantee everyone will get their Kew Gardens, it's just that this is a seriously difficult coin to find and our previous estimations were well off kilt. We are finding one in approximately every 40,000 coins we look through however as hard as it is and even though some people have waited longer than they should have, we have pretty much managed to find and send them. If you just want to buy a straight Kew Gardens without any waiting there is a seller on eBay user name wolsey1656 who sells them for £89, a bit expensive but your guaranteed not to get a fake. We are not sure yet if this is going to be our last round of crowdfunding or not, regardless this is the last time the Kew Gardens will be available for £29 so get your pledges in now, you will never get this price again.

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