The Ross-on-Wye Horizon Centre

To establish a new, vibrant, innovative day centre for adults with learning disabilities living in the Ross on Wye, Herefordshire area.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful


We have started a much-needed day centre for adults with learning and other disabilities. 

Can you help us reach our target of £10,000 by January 9th?

When it was announced that our local day centre was closing in  October, it meant that there would no longer be a place in the  area for  adults with learning difficulties and disabilities to come together.    It would also be a loss of a vital service within our community,  providing activities and volunteering opportunities. We decided that the  only thing we could do is try to save the service so we pooled some of  our redundancy money to quickly get this project off the ground, but we  need your help to ensure its success.  

The Ross on Wye Horizon Centre is a Community Interest Charity formed to meet an urgent need for a day centre  for adults with learning and other disabilities in Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire and the surrounding areas.   Many of these adults depend on a day centre to help them keep in contact with friends and to feel part of their community! The previous centre, located at the Ryefield Centre,  recently closed its doors after several decades. To ensure the service continued, three former employees of the Ryefield - Clarissa Hill, Lou Elsmore and Maria Barnett - started a charity to ensure there is a local day centre based in the heart of Ross on Wye.  

Setting up a new service is costly and, as we started the charity from scratch within a very short time frame, we are looking to quickly raise necessary funds to support the project.    We have contributed some of our redundancy monies and are fully committed to making this centre a success.  Please make a donation, no matter how small. We have been so touched  by the support and encouragement we have received so far.            

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The Things We Offer

Before we set up The Ross on Wye Horizon Centre, we spoke to potential service users, asking what types of things they enjoy doing and what they would like to do at the centre. Their ideas formed the basis for the development of the activities we can offer including:

  • Arts and crafts
  • Woodworking
  • Gardening
  • Music
  • IT skills
  • Walking and exercise
  • Healthy eating
  • Social events
  • Coffee mornings
  • Participation in local events
  • Selling crafts and other items at the local market

We will also be offering new opportunities, especially in the local community and will ‘go the extra mile’ to help long-held dreams come true if we can. From afternoon teas, pajama parties and live country music to attending sporting events and being a 'shopkeeper for a day', we believe that 'our smallness is our strength’, allowing us to be more flexible and innovative in order to deliver an excellent service. We offer free taster days so that people can find out more about us before signing up.

What We Think is Important

Like many people, we feel strongly that there should be a local day centre that provides an innovative, vibrant and person-centre service for adults with learning and other disabilities. The Ross on Wye Horizon Centre will encourage people to build confidence, learn new skills, and develop independence by:

  • Advocating inclusion within the local community with an approach to enhance an individual’s potential.
  • Providing a therapeutic community environment where people feel free to be themselves, offering a setting in which to grow and develop.
  • Promoting health and well-being involving exercise, healthy eating and developing new interests and hobbies.
  • Encouraging micro enterprise projects such as handmade cards and gifts, and kindling bundles that can be sold locally by the makers themselves.

Who Are We

Clarissa Hill  has lived in the Ross on Wye area for many years. Clarissa’s previously experience includes working with adults who have learning disabilities and complex needs living in the community. Clarissa later worked at the Ryefield Day Centre for Herefordshire Council and the Brandon Trust for six years, managing the garden and woodworking projects/micro-enterprises. She is well-liked and is known for her calm, positive attitude.  

Lou Elsmore has a varied background with much to offer the new charity.  Lou’s previous experience includes working ten years within an occupational therapy department within social services. She also worked for the Brandon Trust for 13 years, working with adults with  learning disabilities in a residential setting as well as at the  Ryefield Centre.  Lou’s creative skills have provided the ‘artist  flair’ crucial in the development of  our new organisation.

Maria Barnett has a worked with people who have mental health issues and  those with learning disabilities. A trained social worker, Maria also has a business background and has combined her skills to support a variety of projects. Until recently, Maria was a Social Enterprise Manager at a Gloucestershire charity, focusing on business development. Maria worked for Herefordshire Council and the Brandon Trust at the Ryefield Day Centre for six years.  Maria’s passion and infectious enthusiasm are important to the project but can also be quite entertaining.

We Need Your Help to Ensure Our Success

Please support our project, giving what you can. We have been so touched by the support and encouragement we have received so far. All the thank you rewards will be made by the wonderful people you have so generously supported.

Please check us out on our facebook page: The Ross-on-Wye Horizon Centre

To find out more about us please contact Clarissa Hill on 07988 870712 or Maria Barnett on 07988 781586. Many thanks!

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