Rosie’s Family Cafe

by Ruth Nicholls in Solihull, England, United Kingdom

Rosie’s Family Cafe


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Rosie’s aims to create a safe haven at the heart of the localcommunity by providing a relaxing cafe with access to family support services.

by Ruth Nicholls in Solihull, England, United Kingdom


Rosie's will be a family 'play & learn' cafe including regular children's activities with dedicated Special Educational Needs & Disabilities (SEND) facilities. Rosie’s will also provide an extensive range of family support services to parents, carers and families in Birmingham and Solihull on a range of parenting issues.

Rosie's will be an inclusive and welcoming community space where parents, carers and families can relax from the stresses of everyday life. Free toys, books and activities will be available to use in the main cafe area and a dedicated sensory play area for children with special educational needs. Staff will be on hand to lead role play activities, crafts and games to keep the children entertained while their parents sit back and relax.  There will be separate activity rooms for daily scheduled educational activities and crafts with a dedicated sensory play area for children with special educational needs and disabilities. Activity rooms will also be used to host support services, activities, meetings and networking events organised either by Rosie's or other professional organisations. 

The company’s activities will provide benefit to children, families and carers in Greater Birmingham and Solihull; in particular vulnerable children, children with Special Educational Needs & Disabilities (SEND) and/or additional needs along with their families and carers, and those who are living in economically deprived areas which may require additional support.

Scheduled Educational Activities

Rosie’s will be providing a timetable of educational activities, primarily focusing on early years education (0-5 years). Our ‘Learning through Play’ model will provide activities in line with the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework (EYFS) led by professionally trained staff. The activities will be designed around the main areas of learning: 

  • - communication & language
  • - physical development
  • - personal, social & emotional development 
  • - literacy
  • - mathematics
  • - understanding the world
  • - expressive arts & design

Our educational activities will support and enhance children's existing EYFS learning in their nursery or preschool setting or provide the essential learning to those children who do not currently attend preschool. 

The Department for Education recently released a publication 'Improving the Home Learning Environment' which explained that 28% of 5-year olds do not have the early communication, language and literacy skills needed to thrive. Those from disadvantaged backgrounds are most likely to be affected. Rosie's aims to assist those children who may require additional educational support through the play activities focusing on the EYFS framework. 

Rosie's will be providing interactive story time sessions and a weekly book club. We will be working with the DfE and World Book Day Charity to improve access to books for all local children, in particular those from deprived backgrounds. This will further support the communication, language and literacy skills being taught through the educational play activities.  

Family Support Hub

Rosie’s will provide an extensive range of family support services to parents, carers and families in Birmingham and Solihull on a range of parenting issues. Rosie’s will be a safe place for all families who require advice and support. The services available will be promoted softly and appropriately in a sensitive manner. Some families may just want to relax in a place that is family and SEN friendly where their children are properly catered for.

The community will benefit by Rosie’s providing the essential services which have been diminished by the closure of the Sure Start Children’s Centres in Birmingham and Solihull. The community will also from services currently limited or unavailable due to lack of government funding in areas such as Special Educational Needs (SEN) support services.

Local Charity Support 

Rosie’s will also be actively supporting local charities to raise much needed funding, resources and awareness for three charities which affect local children, teenagers and their families. Donations made by customers/general public will be matched by Rosie's to maximise support to the charities and local communities. The three local charities will be Birmingham Childrens' Hospital, Acorns Childrens' Hospice and The Red Box Project Solihull.


Rosie’s aims to become a safe haven at the heart of the local community. We are here to help and support the local community by providing a safe and relaxing meeting place with lots of activities, and high quality but easy to access family support services.

We believe the community will benefit greatly from our extensive offer and range of support services that will be accessible through our cafe and family support hub. 

Rosie’s vision is to help children and parents through our key principles which are to eat well, learn actively and play with enthusiasm. We know that children and parents will benefit from the relaxed and informal family atmosphere that we will create, along with the support services provided by our strong network of trained professionals.



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