Rosalind Readhead for Mayor - Car free London

by rosalind.victoria.readhead in London

Rosalind  Readhead for Mayor -  Car free London
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Rosalind Readhead Independent London Mayoral candidate May 2016 - Please help me raise the £10,000 deposit to stand for a car-free London

by rosalind.victoria.readhead in London


 On May 5th 2016, Londoners will vote for a new Mayor.

We live in a democracy that values free speech and everyone wants to be represented. However politicians have consistently failed to take leadership on London's car problem. 

This is why I am standing as an independent Mayoral candidate, to open up the debate on private car use and propose a radical change in how we allocate space on our streets. 

The health and economic impact of cars in London is immense

Cars are a major cause of illegal air pollution in London, killing 9,400 per year and permanently stunting the growth of children. Some small diesel cars have been found to be emitting the same Nitrogen Dioxide as a bus or HGV. This is a full blown public health crisis but not once has the Mayor of London called for the banning of diesel cars in our city. 

London is now officially the most congested city in Europe. The economic cost of congestion is estimated to be in the region of 8.5 billion per year. Growing car use is unsustainable and affecting the quality of life of all Londoners. Journey times are unreliable and the time wasted stuck in traffic makes the city inefficient and stagnant.

There were 30,785 casualties as a result of road collisions in Greater London in 2014. Every death or injury is a failure of a civilised society. Hit-and-runs are occurring with increasing frequency, creating a sense of lawlessness on the streets. (80 motorist hit-and-runs per week in 2014) Many people feel severed from their community by dangerous roads. 

The public health crises of inactivity, obesity and type 2 diabetes threaten our ability to sustain an NHS system, free at the point of entry. 1 in 6 are dying from inactivity, half of Londoners are obese or overweight and 1 in 10 in Newham and Brent have diabetes. Car owners are statistically the most likely to be inactive.

The CEO of NHS England has already said obesity will bankrupt the NHS. This means longer waiting times and a reduction in services across the NHS. We know that diabetes type 2, obesity and inactivity are preventable and can be reversed by lifestyle changes such as walking and cycling. 

Cars contribute a significant and growing proportion of greenhouse emissions. In order to cut CO2 emissions to sustainable levels, car use must be radically reduced. Viable environmentally friendly alternatives such as cycling, walking and public transport can make this transition possible. 

 Vast areas of land in London are currently allocated to cars, both in transit and parked. 6.8 million car parking spaces in London take up a minimum of 78.5 km sq. And with the average car parked 95% of the time, this is economically illiterate use of prime land. When housing is in crisis we need to seriously review how we allocate space in London.

I believe it is imperative to make safe space on our roads for walking and cycling. This is literally self-empowerment for a healthier future


My key policies are


  • Ban diesel in London

  • Ban private cars in central London

  • Prioritise active travel like walking and cycling

  • Create a London priority road cycling network

  • Reclaim car parks as brownfield sites for social housing

  • Make solar power integral to new builds

  • Rationalise freight and commercial vehicles, capping PHVs and Taxis

  • Plant 1 million trees


 I believe these policies will


  • Save time

  • Save money

  • Unlock space

  • Improve quality of life

  • Create social cohesion

  • Increase self-empowerment

  • Reduce inequality


Cities around the world are waking up to the cost of cars in an urban environment. In 2015 Dublin, Madrid and Oslo announced plans to go car-free in their city centres to reduce pollution, congestion and cut greenhouse emissions. We too can lead London into a brighter future, by making our streets for people rather than cars. 

Please help me raise the initial deposit of £10,000 so that I can help transform our city and change our world. 

Anonymous donations of up to £50 are very welcome.

200 x £50 will raise the £10,000 deposit

However multiple anonymous donations from the same source are unfortunately not allowed. 

Donations over £50 must be from a permissible source ie. registered to vote in UK.

All donations over the £50 threshold will need to be checked against the UK electoral register to confirm that they are legal. These donations must also be recorded on election return with name and address, amount of donation, date of donation and date the donation was accepted. They will be published on Electoral Commission Website.



This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£2 or more

£2 Reward

Thank you for supporting my campaign for a car-free London

£10 or more

£10 Reward

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£20 or more

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£10,000 or more

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