Roos James - Pervasive, Persistent, Problematic

by Roos James in Birmingham, England, United Kingdom

Roos James - Pervasive, Persistent, Problematic
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To change the way people think about Personality Disorders and educate through Photoshoots and Academic Publication (A Final Major Project.)

by Roos James in Birmingham, England, United Kingdom

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Roos James is a published, freelance Make-up Artist who is in her third and final year of a Bachelor's in 'Media Hair and Make-up'. This years sees the introduction of a Final Major Project  (FMP), a large scale project on a subject of the student choice. This project includes multiple Photoshoots, Behind The Scenes Videos, Essays, Reports, Documenting of Events and eventually Publication of the project, on top of all other mandatory modules.

example of work (Model: Talli Lyndsey. Photographer: Katelizabeth Photography)

What is your idea?

For my FMP I have decided to create a project based on/dedicated to Personality Disorders, and how they are wrongly demonized and stereotyped. Personality Disorders (PDs) are often disregarded as there is often little understanding about these issues by the people who are not experiencing them.  Unlike some Mental Health issues, PDs cannot be 'cured' as they part of someones personality and who they are, it cannot be changed or altered. 

My project aims to take chosen PDs and to produce full holisitic creations which represent the exaggerated way in which Personality Disorders can be misinterpreted. These creations will be designed carefully and with the upmost respect. I intend to make them grand and elegant, with exaggereated features and with a darker twist to portray how they can be demonized, and how daunting it can be diagnosed with a Personality Disorder. With this, I wish to captivate an audience of diagnosed people as well as those who may not know about the Disorders, or those who may need to be aware of how they've been wrongly misnterpreting Disorders.

What will you do with this project?

After submission, I would like to have copies of my publication made which can be bought freely for a set price.  The publication of the book (which will be in small quantities) will have a percentage of the book price donated to PD Charities, to help raise awareness and to help educate people.

It would be a dream to see this publication go to a larger scale where donations are being consistently made through the sale of the book. These will be sold from my own Freelance Website.

Where is your research coming from?

I would never take on a project if I didn't believe that I knew the exact details, or that I was/could be knowledgable in the subject. Research will not only come from my own Psychology knowledge through education, but also from professionals with over 25 years experience that I work closely with. I will also be keeping all research as updated as I possibly can through charity research papers, books and case studies. This will allow me to respectfully and delicately formulate the best works possible.

Have you not already raised some money for your project?

In short, yes. In the last 6 months I have saved just over £800 of my own money. This will go towards buying supplies, outfits, hiring studios, Make-up and Models. All of these can be very costly, easily hundreads of pounds without factoring in travel, kit costs etc. I do NOT use my Student Loan as disposable income. The money that is available because of Student Finance (which isn't the Tutition Fees paid directly to my University) goes soley towards paying my rent. I have never used the money to buy supplies/ to live on, and this will not change this year either. Donations and Crowdfunding would allow me to create the best work possible on a less strict budget. 

So why donate?

I have chosen to dedicate my life to my art, which is Make-up. My career has began with an ever increasing list of photography shoots as well as my exceptional University grades. Each piece of work that I do has all the passion and dedication that I could possibly give, and this project is no different. A project like this would allow a group of us to raise awareness and begin to change the mindsets of many people, and bring understanding into an area of uncertainy. This is more than a project, it's the beginning of a plan that would make a lot of difference to many people. 

I would never take on a project if I didn't think that I could create something beautiful and positive because of it. This is no exception. With your help, I would be able to turn the dial all the way to 11 and create the best possible works, partnering with designers and models who not only understand the effect that being diagnosed with a Personality Disorder has, but how much of a difference that a project like this could make. Funding is very difficult and all the money that I have a this time for the shoot has been raised through kind donations or through my work wages. As the new semester looms I will not be able to work the hours that I do currently, meaning less will be available if I do this alone. 

I would be eternally grateful for any donation, no matter how big or small it is. It all makes a BIG difference. And with your support behind me, there is another driving force to create the best pieces that I can. The work I create would not only be for me and for people living with PD, it would be for you too. Donations mean that you can be with me every step of the way as my scribbles on some paper become living breathing people.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. It is early days but I will give you as much information as I can.

Much Love,

Roos James

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