Roof over my head.

by Keith Wadwell in Paisley, Scotland, United Kingdom

Roof over my head.


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I can't claim for my morgage/living costs when I'm getting help at the psychiatric hospital and I've fallen behind.

by Keith Wadwell in Paisley, Scotland, United Kingdom

I have worked all my life 2 careers all going in the right direction. January 2018 myself and 7 others were taken in for a visa "check" at the local police station. I wont name the country but they wanted money to let us go. £5000 approx for me, I refused to pay the bribe and enjoyed a trip to prison. It wasn't too bad, the cell had a great view of the living refund area and they weren't shy of refunding living in the cells either. My bedmate was refunded just outside the cell. When I came back I didn't realise how damaged I was until I woke up screaming in their language. Since then I have been in near constant attendance of the local psychiatric hospital and RCA charity. I have always been self-sufficent but now I'm letting go and asking for help. I have fallen behind with my bills and the CAB isn't until the 14th of February and even then there is no guarantee they can help me. As this is a public platform the hospital and the RCA have been invaluable in keeping me going and I will always be grateful to them. Just wanted to say it.