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To be the best UK online fitness platform offering live online workout classes. Access to advice, recipes, challenges, support and much more

by Roncari Fitness in United Kingdom

The Idea...

I have a passion for fitness, and this idea has come from talking with many people over the years about fitness, with conversations usually steering towards why they had to give it up. This fact made me sad, that people have to give up something that can be great for them, because of other life commitments. Commitments included work, children, money, where they live, and insecurities of being in a gym environment - and also not having enough support or guidance. I thought long and hard about how to tackle this, and I asked myself- if people are finding it hard to physically get to a gym, or do not have enough money for expensive personal trainers, then why can't we bring the workouts to them, in the easiest most accessible form we have today? Through a website... 



My team will be a team of experienced and supportive personal trainers all from our home ground the U.K, that will bring live workout classes so you can log on at home, and access live interactive workouts. They are real people and professional personal trainers that have been helping clients in their home towns for years, and they want to be able to do that for more people across the UK. We want this to be more than a website, we see this as being a fitness hub and a community that is accessible to ALL, not mater what your fitness level or ability. 

A membership will give customers access to over and above just live workouts. 

There will be personal profiles to track progress, a dashboard, meal plans, recipes, monthly challenges, interaction and connection with other users and much more. The money raised will go toward building the best fitness website platform to bring targeted and valuable content to users. It will also be used to create a portfolio of On Demand workouts and added features so we can support our members.


Our Start-Up...

Our aim is to be the UK's number 1 online fitness platform... And for that, we need help! 

Our Values:

Your Mind 

It is now widely accepted that exercising your body, helps your mind. Exercise has the ability to increase positivity, lower stress, and even increase happiness. Here at Roncari this is something that we believe to our very core. This is the ethos that sits behind everything we do. 

Your Body 

There is no one perfect body that everyone should strive for. Views on the ideal body, are as unique and individual as the individuals themselves. This is why here at Roncari, we do not work towards “one ideal” body image. We work with you to find your ideal. 



Your Future 

We do not believe in quick fixes. Our aim is to set you up for the future using the tools that will help guide you to a healthier way of living. You will never hear us use the word ‘diet’. Instead, we create healthy meal plans and recipes that encourage a long-term lifestyle change.

Workout Class Structure!

Online classes will run live, from Monday to Friday - with on demand videos for users to use at the weekend which they will be able to favorite by workout type. 

The live classes will be structured to be half an hour in length with a warm up, 20 minutes of targeted exercise, and a cool down. This keeps the classes short and sweet, and means that the 20 minutes physical activity will be valuable, instead of hour classes that can drag on and not target the right places. What's the best bit about these classes? No expensive equipment is needed to engage in them!! All you will need is an exercise mat, and a membership of course...

Class options will include Hiit Yoga, Pilates, Boot Camp Style, HiiT workouts, Circuits, Cardio, Legs Bums & Tums, Tone, Stretch, Strength and Conditioning, Rest and Recovery and more. There will be a chance to interact with the trainers before the class starts in case anyone has any questions or needs advice. The same will be true after the class if anyone has any further questions or needs anything clarifying. 

We will support these workouts with healthy meal plans and recipes, hints and tips, blogs and articles, monthly fitness challenges and leader-boards. 

Individual memberships will be priced at £23.99 per month, on a no contract basis! Which means you will not be tied into anything for a long period of time if you decide it is not for you. 

Our aim is to give people across the UK the tools to live a better, healthier lifestyle, and to make this as easy and accessible as possible so that health does not have to be a trade off for other life events.

Calling anyone that has ever joined up to a gym, to only use it 3 times but has kept on paying for it anyway!!

We believe fitness guidance doesn’t just embody what kind of exercise you do, it embodies all aspects of your life that contribute to your overall health and well being.

We will offer a tailored live workout timetable and health and fitness support that fits into your lifestyle - not just around it. We know life gets busy, and the last thing when you finish from a busy day at work, is to then go to the gym for an hour!

No more having to travel into the gym extra early, or getting home late - just log into your members area from your own home to access our live workout stream. Workout class timetables will be available to view and book online, all you will need to get started is a membership...

Save more of your time, workout from anywhere, live a better life!


Our aim is to create positivity through exercise, and bring out the confidence in you that we know is there.

We Need Your Help!!

We believe in this idea, and we believe it can bring real value and happiness to people, and help them to improve their lives. In return for support, we are offing out free memberships of different duration's to ALL backers - so you can see the finished product, and hopefully be a part of our adventure too. The first 150 backers will also be entered into a Prize Draw for a free FULL LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP for them and their family (up to 4 people).

Thank you for reading  :) and we hope you believe in this idea as much as we do!


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