Romanian National Day - Luton Festival 2016

Romanian National Day  - Luton Festival 2016

The Romanian community in Luton would like to showcase themselves to residents, to educate on the cultural differences of our communities.

We did it!

On 13th Nov 2016 we successfully raised £5 with 1 supporter in 56 days

Romanian Community Centre (CCRL) provides the necessary support to people of the Romanian community in Luton and surroundings in solving the problems faced. It also represents a place where Romanians of all ages can meet in a family frame and share experiences and thoughts, by feeling integrated into a Romanian community.

December 1 - Romanian National Day marks a very important moment for Romanian people. This year we celebrate 98 years of the Great Union, which is the main event in Romanian history. No matter where we are in the world, we are proud that we are Romanians.

Our local community includes Romanians of all ages, from different social categories, with different professions and qualifications, with all the same origin, the same traditions and the same culture that we proudly want to make them known to the world. From the beginning to this point, we had over 1800 people with different social requests, making an appeal to our organisation, amongst which we were also asked to organise cultural events.

In our project, December 1 - Romanian National Day, we propose to bring Romanians together across Bedfordshire and surrounding to celebrate our National Day. As main goals we have conveying and promoting traditions, cultural values and history of Romania.

We want to inspire the children’s and young Romanians’ desire to know the roots of where they came from, to enrich their knowledge of the culture of our country and to instil a sense of patriotic pride.

Our activities will be held mostly on Saturdays, but also during the week, starting to the end of October at Romanian Community Centre in Luton, 74 George Street, LU1 2BD. In this period we will conduct preparatory to December 1, when will take place a huge event in view of Romania's National Day celebration. Our goal is to involve the whole Romanian community. This project has a coordinator and a team of 10 Romanians volunteers (teachers, lawyers, accountants, etc.) contributing with their time and knowledge available to the members who joined the Romanian Community Centre in Luton.

Besides our daily activities which are focused on helping the Romanians to integrate into British society, listening to their stories, also discovering their desires and their needs such as to communicate and share what they know with their peers, we intend to develop cultural activities to gather together a large number of people who want to be involved in.

The Romanian National Day will be celebrated through an artistic/cultural show, performed by our community, when we estimate to bring together at least 3000 people.  

 This is an opportunity for the Romanian community in Luton to showcase themselves to residents of Luton to educate on the cultural differences of our communities, but also to demonstrate how we respect difference and get on well together.  The event will include information stalls, artefacts, food samples to demonstrate our cultures.  We are also proposing to hold a fashion show demonstrating the different cultural costumes of our country and performers, whether they are dancers or singers or others to represent the different cultural backgrounds in Romania.

Do donate directly please send your donation to:

Account name: Centrul Comunitar Roman din Luton

Bank name: Santander

Account no: 04330495

Short code: 09-01-29

Cheque to : 

Centrul Comunitar Roman din Luton

Address: 74 George Street, Luton, LU1 2BD

Tel: 01582 806 250




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