Roller Rink for Glasgow

RollerStop are opening Scotland's only dedicated roller rink in the centre of Glasgow, with the aim of growing the skating community.

We did it!

On 9th Oct 2014 we successfully raised £5,369 of £5,000 target with 161 supporters in 28 days

Who are we?

RollerStop is a CIC (Community Interest Company) which brings roller disco to communities all over Scotland. Our team of staff and volunteers are fantastic, and they love being able to share their skating skills. Whether it be teaching total beginners how to get rolling, tips for people who haven’t skated in several years or advice on how to do fancy footwork, there is no denying our team love skating. 

In the past year we have:

  • Run 104 public events
  • Held 64 private events 
  • Taught 700 people how to skate
  • Helped 254 people break a Guinness world record for the longest skating conga
  • Featured in a television commercial for Scotrail
  • Performed for commonwealth games spectators 

It has been a fun challenge over the last 3 years trying to find suitable venues to run our events in, but since the closure of Kelvinhall in Glasgow’s West End we've not managed to find anything ideal in Glasgow. We have some great regular sessions established in Paisley, Irvine and Edinburgh and we'll continue to run our events at these brilliant venues once our rink is open. 

Every month we enable 1,600 different people to skate and we want to do more!

Girls doing conga line at roller disco in Paisley


Roller rink Glasgow, floor planOur Goal

To open Scotland’s only dedicated roller rink. We have already signed the lease on a space in Glasgow, had plans drawn up by an architect and we've even bought the floor.

We want to run more lessons and more events with the ultimate aim of growing the skating community. Within the first 6 months of opening we aim to increase our social impact by enabling 3,500 people to skate each month. To aid growth and engagement in roller sports we plan to have lessons available in different disciplines including artistic, derby skills and slalom.

Social Need

There are currently no facilities for roller sports in Scotland, very few halls in Glasgow will take bookings for skating activities even though there is demand. Rollerskating is unique, as many people don't perceive it as a sport and get involved without realising the health benefits which skating offers. This leads to people who would not normally do conventional sports, getting fit in a fun way. Our own survey results show that skating is "one of the few affordable family activities that we can do together" and is something that "is not readily available in council facilities".

The opening of this rink will allow people to take up skating as a regular activity to keep fit and be social.

“Love it and there is no-where to do it when you want on a regular basis”

“Please please please build a roller rink in Glasgow!!”


Benefits of Skating

Roller skating is great exercise and most importantly it is great fun. It offers an opportunity to socialise with many people from a diverse range of backgrounds. For children it can help develop coordination skills in addition to improving general fitness. It is a great cardiovascular work out, which also helps to strengthen muscles in the legs, glutes and abdominal core. Like all physical activity, skating may also helps to improve mental health.

Why are we Crowdfunding?

Having already generated funding from private investment, business savings and a loan, we can currently meet our bare bones budget. This budget covers all the essential items such as building costs, legal/professional fees and basic fit out. This still leaves us with some essential items to purchase. With your help this project can be made even better.

How will the money be used?

Funds generated through this campaign will be used for:

  • Heating
  • Lockers
  • Seating
  • Cafe equipment

A more detailed budget for the entire project can be found on our website.

 Siobhan and children at Kelvinhall Roller DiscoWorld record breaking roller conga


Many of the rewards on offer are exclusive to Crowdfunder. Hopefully there is one that appeals to you!

Don't worry if you can't manage to make a pledge, there are other ways which you can help. By sharing this page on your Facebook, Twitter or other social media you are helping. Write a blog post about what we are doing or email a friend.  Even talking to your friends, neighbours and colleagues will aid us greatly towards reaching our goal. 

Any help that you can give is hugely appreciated. We would not be where we are now without the support of the skating community. 

Thank you all!

Girl roller skating, Lagoon PaisleySkaters at RollerStop roller disco


When is the adults only preview event?

The proposed date is Saturday 27th December, 6.00 - 8.00pm.

When is the family preview event?

The proposed date is Sunday 28th December, 1.00 - 3.00pm.

Is skate hire included for preview events and lessons?

Yes, all preview events and lesson purchased through Crowdfunder include skate hire.

Is there a separate adults and childrens price for the family preview event?

No for this event there is a flat rate of £6 for everybody, this price includes skate hire.

When will the rink be open to the public?

The proposed date for opening to the general public is Saturday 3rd January 2015.

Where can I find out more about the roller rink?

To find out more about RollerStop and the rink visit Skate Glasgow

Where can I find out about upcoming events?

Find out where we are next by visiting RollerStop.

Is postage included in the price of the mug and poster?

Yes - postage within the UK is included.

These items can be collected from any event you attend or from the south side of Glasgow.

Postage outside of the UK will incur an additional fee dependent on the destination.

Our Poster and mug are exclusive to Crowdfunder! 

RollerStop Roller Rink Poster 

RollerStop Mug

Private Party Terms and Conditions

All private parties booked through Crowdfunder must be redeemed within the first 6 months of the rink opening. Each party last 1 hour and 30 minutes.  Images taken by RollerStop at the party may be used for promotional purposes.

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