Roffelaar’s legacy

by Felicity Coulthard in Blacko, England, United Kingdom

Roffelaar’s legacy


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To carry on my silver medal horse’s legacy by keeping riding and competing and to inspire others that their dreams are achievable.

by Felicity Coulthard in Blacko, England, United Kingdom

Hello and thank you for looking at my crowdfunding page.

For anyone who doesn’t know me my name is Felicity Coulthard, and since before I was born, I was starved of oxygen, which has left me with a condition called cerebral palsy. This has affected my right hand side of my body with me having limited movement in both my arm and leg as well leaving me with difficulties with my speech.

My CP (Cerebral palsy) has made doing some everyday tasks such as walking around difficult and tiring.

All this changed when at the age of 4 I was given my first riding lesson and since then I never looked back, for the first time in my life I was able to do something that abled bodied people could do, I felt for the first time I fitted in with everyone else.

I have owned many horses and won a lot of rosettes and awards with each one and have fantastic memories with all of them but there is one horse that I have the fondest memory of all with; that horse was called Roffelaar or Roff for short.

Roff was not only special as he was a fantastic horse and he was also the horse that won me my silver medal in the 2008 Paralympics but he also was an escape for me from my CP.

Sadly Roff was put to sleep in March this year due to a servere bout of colic and is deeply missed everyday.

To carry on his legacy I am looking for another horse to further my career and hopefully win more medals. As well as it helping me, I hope to inspire people who have a dream and a belief that if they focus and are determined it can come true, whether it’s big or small.

I want to carry on what Roff has done and that is to get back on to team GB and win more medals at Olympics again. To do this I need a certain type of horse, one that is easy of the leg and light in the mouth. It also has to have a natural willingness to work. It also has to be young enough but sensible enough to cope with the competition atmosphere. Unfortunately a horse with all these attributes is quite expensive. I have been putting money aside but unfortunately I haven’t saved enough to purchase the horse that I require.

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