Rocket Box Presents: Many Moons UK Tour 2020

by Rocket Box Theatre in London, England, United Kingdom

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On 3rd December 2019 we successfully raised £1,060 with 30 supporters in 35 days

We are crowdfunding to take our award-winning production of Alice Birch's 'Many Moons' on a national tour.

by Rocket Box Theatre in London, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

Thank you so much for helping us reach our goal! Now we have set a stretch goal to help us achieve even more! This extra money will go towards the cost of insurance to cover the tour as well as marketing materials and travel expenses. We really appreciate all the support we have received and are now super confident with making this tour the best it can be!


“And it Felt like Love”

 Ollie. Falling.

Robert. Shy.

Juniper. Hopeful.

Meg. Resigned.


Many Moons, by acclaimed writer, Alice Birch, follows four lonely Londoners as they tell stories, weave lies and confessions, reveal and conceal desires and regrets.

All are plummeting towards one blistering afternoon in July.

Through innovative storytelling, Rocket Box presents an award-winning production that interrogates the terrifying dark matter at the heart of their interconnected stories.

“Spellbinding, astonishing and beautifully dark”

- Audience Response


“Absolutely stunning, so innovative, heart-wrenching and beautifully told – absolutely amazing!”

- Audience Response



Formed in 2018 at the University of York, our first piece of work was this staging of Alice Birch’s Many Moons which premiered at the Create. Engage. React. festival, 2019. Since then, we have gone on to win the York Performance Award 2019, and are now about to embark on our debut national tour.

We like music, images, and colour; we like characters, jokes, and games. We believe in fairness, and we are invested in untold, unheard stories. Our work has energy and rhythm; we want to engage and entertain.

We like to make theatre that is wild, and don’t mind if things go wrong: we like unplanned, we like mistakes, we like alive. We want to make work that listens to and speaks with audiences. We want them to make up their own minds about what they see.

We aim to be courageous and outspoken with each other. We trust the play, we trust one another, and we trust the audience.                    

We enjoy playing with the senses, and taking advantage of theatre being live and living. We like to think carefully about space: its context and history, its dimensions and acoustics, and its location and landscape. We don’t believe in franchise or one-size-fits-all.          

We are a theatre company who believe in sharing with our audience. Our theatre is not a lecture, it’s responsive; we don’t blame or attack. We find stories with a pulse and embrace the live. 

We are Rocket Box.        


We currently have support from the University of York's Department of Film and Television in the form of the York Performance Award. 


We hope to tour the production to 5/6 venues across the UK early next year (January-March 2020).

Our aim with these performances is to reach audiences who often aren’t included in national conversations. We are proud to announce dates in regional theatres, such as The Acorn in Penzance and York’s Black Box, and we are currently communicating with more.  As emerging artists, we want to share contemporary work with rural and suburban communities, start conversations, and develop relationships with audiences.


Alice Birch’s writing is meticulous, elegant, and rich with description – a large part of why Many Moons appealed to us. With each reading, we discovered more and more hidden within its pages, and quickly became engrossed in conversations about how we might turn this brilliantly nuanced text into an exciting and engaging piece of performance. The play encourages audiences to consider loneliness, connection, relationships and sharing problems. Its pulse lies in its human and compassionate treatment of the characters: it does not condemn or condone their actions, but rather encourages audiences towards a more empathetic world- view. In a society that so often promotes conflict, bigotry, side- taking, opposition and didacticism, we challenge this stance and offer an alternative with Many Moons.

During the months of February and March 2019, we carried out a four-week process of research and development that allowed us to dig deep into the text: its characters, themes, and locations; and its rhythms, beats, and paces. Alongside this, we began to work creatively with music, sound, and light, discovering methods and styles of storytelling that would best serve Birch’s text whilst allowing us to create a production full of energy and dynamism.

Our production premiered in May at the University of York’s Department of Theatre, Film and Television.

Our staging of Many Moons is alive, colourful, vulnerable, musical, dark, funny, and has a wonderful sense of 'just-about-held-together-madness'.  As a company, we draw on stand-up, circus, live music, spoken word, slam poetry, dance and cinema. 

“Alice is a writer or exquisite poetry and unerring savagery” – Simon Stephens

“An incredibly tense, dense and tight play... Beautiful, and slightly terrifying” – British Theatre Guide


We are in the final stages of confirming all of the different elements of the tour. The money from this crowdfunder will be used to determine the scale of the tour itself as we hope to give the play the outing it deserves. 

Donations will contribute towards marketing materials, venue hire and technical equipment costs. 


Come and see the show! Tell your friends and spread the word on all forms of social media.


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Director: Mischa Jones

Designer and Technician: Ross Hayward

Producer: Alice Lloyd-Davies 


Juniper: Annabel Lee

Robert: Harry Brewer

Ollie: Josh Gorroño Chapman

Meg: Eleanor Hibbert


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