Turning Tables

Turning Tables

People with learning disabilities across North East Lincolnshire will enjoy a new woodcraft project, helping them develop key life skills.

We did it!

On 17th Dec 2015 we successfully raised £20 with 1 supporter in 35 days

"Turning Tables"

It's all about helping adults with learning disabilities to turn the tables on some of their difficulties through woodcraft. 

Woodcraft is an incredibly therapeutic and enjoyable artform which helps learners to develop a broad range of skills, patience, dexterity, forward thinking, and creativity, all attributes which many people with learning disabilities struggle with.

We will run a course to help them in each of the above areas over the course of a year, enabling each learner to improve their basic skills by doing something that is constructive and has tangible results. 

What We'll Get Up To:

-Woodturning: We'll get hard at work on the lathe, learning the art of the turner to make a whole range of beautiful wooden items such as bowls and plates, ornaments, pens and jewellery. It's perfect for learning to think ahead and for devoping control, requiring a slow and methodical approach. The lathe itself provides all the power leaving the learner to concentrate on shaping, and finishing their workpiece to a beautifully high standard.  -Carving: Although versatile the art of carving requires intense concentration and command of your equipment.  It is a physical and raw process which will need learners to be aware of exactly how their body is moving to work safely and efficiently. As a means of developing dexterity and control, carving is therefore an excellent activity. The use of carving tools also demands a high degree of respect and responsibility, whilst also helping learners to develop their physical strength and muscle tone.

These two activities will form the backbone of the course, with learners being taught a variety of other techniques that are essential for understanding their tools and materials, and will help them create finished products they can be truly proud of. 


The, "I Made That" Effect:

"Turning Tables" has it's roots in what we call the "I Made That" Effect. It comes in that moment when one of our learners finishes a project or a workpiece which they are proud of. Often they'll go around and show everybody, telling them, "I made that". The joy and immense sense of satisfaction they experience at these moments is just wonderful, and so often becomes the motivation that drives them to do more, learn more and continue to improve. For many it's simply a huge boost to their confidence and self esteem which helps them to realise just how amazing they really are. 


 What is Rock Foundation?:

We are a charity in Grimsby who have worked tirelessly on our labour of love since 2009. We are passionate about people, especially those with learning disabilities and other disadvantages, who just need a bit of help, love and support to help them be all that they can be. We have a massive vision to see hundreds of lives changed, and we strive towards helping every client to live a fulfilled and happy life. Mostly we do this through providing supported workshops and training opportunities across a huge range of topics, from cooking to CAD/CAM, hospitality to haberdashery and a host of other exciting activities aimed at developing life, employment and social skills. "Turning Tables" fits right into our ethos of giving our learners' unique opportunities, that are not only enjoyable, but encourage them to grow too.  


What Are We Crowdfunding?

We already have a lot of the gear we need to get this project up and running, but we need some more bits of equipment to do a really good job of it. These include carving tools, a few lathe tools, chucks, sharpening gear and some materials to get us started.

To give us the basics we need to get everything running, we're looking at around £300. If we surpass our target we'll be able to buy more than just the basics to really stretch the project, and help our learners develop even more new skills and abilities.


The project also needs a tutor, someone who'll be working alongside our learners to spur them forward, teach them all the relevant skills and keep them safe. Furthermore they'll provide pastoral care and support in their role, ensuring that the needs of every individual learner are fully met. To provide ten hours of tuition per week, for a full year, we're looking at a cost of around £5200. If we exceed our target, we may be able to extend the hours for which the project runs, or even engage another member of staff to expand the number of learners that can participate.


Sooo that's where our target of £5500 comes from.


Bang for Buck?

We think so... Whatever you choose to invest in our project will be spent entirely on providing something new and exciting for our learners. What's more your investment won't simply be a flash in the pan; we plan to sell some of the products made during the programme to help fund its own upkeep long into the future, making it a sustainable project that will continually reinvest in itself, growing and improving year on year. We see the initial investments as a seed to grow, rather than money to be spent.


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