Rock climbing equipment website development

by Ascendit in Wigan, England, United Kingdom

Rock climbing equipment website development


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Open rock climbing shop in Wigan area #grow my online store traffic and sales which is zero to none due to coronavirus

by Ascendit in Wigan, England, United Kingdom


My name is Caesar, I am 28 and since I only remember I loved every kind of sport.

In 2018 I`ve discovered my love for rock climbing. Not long from then I started to think how to transform my plans, hopes and ideas into business.

When I came to UK in 2014 I worked in a warehouse then I thought I can do better then this and became self employed taxi driver but I still knew I want to be better and develope my own business. In order to do that I had  to risk and invest all my savings to start my online store. I couldnt afford that so I had to work longer and longer in my current work as HGV driver. Long hours at work means less time for family, creating ideas and what I really love climbing.


I ve finally earned enough money to open online store with rock climbing equipment, buy very little stock and I finished a few of my projects, wooden climbing fingerboard and climbing holds.


Due to coronavirus my online shop is not progressing at all.

I would like to boost my business and invest in advertising also buy more stock but the costs totally exceeds my budget.


As a future rock climbing instructor I earn my experience through climbing and meeting new people and also I know how important is healthy lifestyle on daily basis.  I belive I can deliver to people great quality climbing equipment and help them to reach their goals whether they want to stay active or improve their climbing skills.

My head is full of ideas and my biggest dream would be to open the most modern and specious climbing center in North West of England.

I could realise some of my plans with Your help and every help will be greatly appreciated.


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