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To build, maintain, advertise a website that houses all the help you need if you found yourself at rock bottom. Helping those who need help.

by Carl Williams in Plymouth, England, United Kingdom

Where would you go if you needed help? For whatever reason we all need help now and again. There are thousands of fantastic local, national causes and charities who do just that, help others. The one key problem is finding them, that’s where your money and my time come into it. I would like to see a one stop shop where one website houses all the help you could ever need, becoming a go to place for help. There are national sites that can help with a lot of subjects however they don’t know all the good work the smaller causes and charities do. We can work better together.

I volunteer my spare time as and when I can to different charities and I also work full time in a large ethical retailer who also promotes me to do good work within my community. Within this role I also have seen the need that those who help others need a forum so that they can help each other. This website could also do that as they will all be under one roof making it a lot easier for everyone to communicate.

I didn’t have the easiest starts in life. An alcoholic single parent for one, being brought up by a family friend. In my early teen years, I somewhat went off the rails, in the bid for attention I looked up to the wrong people and I turned to cheap ciders, smoking and then drugs. In the bid for change my mother and her alcoholic partner moved myself to Middlesex where it became a lot worse. I was homeless at 15 and didn’t attend school as I had to earn money to feed myself. But as soon as I could I joined the Army which transformed my life around. In all that time I didn’t know who to turn to but that’s where I would like to make a change for others.

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