New business start up - Shoes or die

New business start up - Shoes or die

Do you want some awesome and unique shoes on your feet? Want shoes that make you feel sexy? Want a design no one else has? Take a look..

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Hey everyone, thank you so much for reading my project. 

 Have you ever wanted something on a pair of shoes and you can't find it anywhere? A logo maybe or a drawing you have made? Do you want it on pumps or heels? No matter which one you prefer I can make it happen. The way it will work is you send me an image via my Web page and I will print it on your desired shoe ready for you to wear. It's as simple as that. Don't have an image in mind, not a problem I will have images for you to choose from and change to your desire. How amazing does that sound? Good right? Well now I need your help to make it happen. £2 pledges do make a difference. My business ideas have been accredited by the Prince's Trust who have provided me with a lot of help over the past few months.

I have been successfully running a business customising shoes and designing fascinators but I want to take it further and create between 2-5 jobs in my local community. 

A little background information:

I started my small business as a hobby whilst being a carer for my son. I need to keep moving and do something and not being able to work was getting me down. I decided to get a hobby and show people my wares which seemed to be a hit and people wanted to buy my items. As you can imagine this was very exciting and still is. I love every second of it and I want to do more. I want to create something for my son, make him proud and provide for all his needs.

The project: 

I want to design and print onto shoes ranging from pumps to high heels both women's and men's and of course kids too. My website will enable you to create your own designs as well being able to pick from designs already on the website. You will be able to create something unique from writing to images (imagine a "will you marry me message on shoes") I will also be able to print on to other things like t-shirt, bags, jackets etc. The best part is that I will be offering people the opportunity to work with me and providing some much needed jobs in my community. It will be fun and exciting. I want to make sure that my shoes are affordable too. I love seeing people happy so my aim is to do this with shoes.

Please help me to make a this a reality and change a few lives along the way. 

The money will go towards a printing machine, stock (pumps and shoes) and to help train my first employee. 



we are changing our name to shoes or die which will accommodate men, women and kids. We are also heading over to Nottingham to look at our potential machine which is very exciting. 

The logo is being designed along with some ready to use designs for converse shoes. We have found a wholesaler and want to get ordering stock in asap. The Web site is being designed and discussed too so we are all go here at head quarters. Please carry on supporting this project and thank you.