Releasing the Frequencies of David - new music

To record and release groundbreaking, wall shattering, pioneering new prophetic guitar music containing heavenly frequencies and melodies.

We did it!

On 19th Feb 2016 we successfully raised £4,446 of £4,000 target with 64 supporters in 42 days

New stretch target

Any additional funds raised will go towards more recording and more albums/singles released in accordance with the budget. This music is so important and every pledge counts, so please keep sowing :)

Releasing the Frequencies of David - pioneering new music

Hello, my name is Rob Townley and welcome to my Crowdfunder page.

I'm a Christian and a musician, having played guitar for many years. I play regularly at various locations in the UK at church events and conferences. I like to call myself a prophetic minstrel. My Crowdfunder proposal is to record and launch new prophetic guitar music, in the form of as many albums and singles that I can release within the budget and amount of pledges received.

The title of this project is Releasing the Frequencies of David. King David was an astonishing musician, a real role-model for the Kingdom. When he played his instruments he tuned them and played them in such a way that changed the atmosphere, it's documented that he calmed Saul by playing soothing, healing melodies. He set the blueprint for everyone to follow in his footsteps. It's all about the frequency that David released, the resonance of his sound, the harmony of God's heart with David's when he played. It's about the purity of this divine collaboration.

We're entering a season of Isaiah 22:22, where God is giving us the keys to the House of David. Keys to unlock ancient doors which have been shut for centuries. The keys to David's music room. There's a new sound that God is releasing through various musicians, and we've already started to experience this. It's a sound that comes straight from His heart, it's a song that will cleanse the atmosphere, bring healing, restore DNA and change people's lives.

It's time to release those ancient sounds and frequencies again, and claim back what is rightfully ours; our inheritance, our freedom.

The music I'll be releasing from the Crowdfunder budget follows on from my first album Heaven Sonic. Heaven Sonic was a catalyst, the first ever prophetic guitar album. The next releases will explore this further, using different frequencies and again using prophetic melodies and loops. I've come a long way since Heaven Sonic was released, and I'm really in sync spiritually with God's heart for music and melody. I already have some amazing melodies and sounds ready to record, and I believe the timing is right for this to happen.

I can't emphasise enough how important this music is, so please consider sowing into this and partnering with me to make this happen. People WILL be healed by this music, it WILL change the atmosphere, it WILL have an effect on people's lives.

Everything will be recorded in my home studio, mixed professionally and mastered by one of the world's top mastering engineers. All funds received will go towards the recording process, the mixing and mastering process, and finally the cd artwork and production.

As I said before; I'll be releasing as much music as I can within the budget, so please prayerfully consider your support. I have some great rewards on offer to those pledging various amounts, some of which involve me travelling to your home or church to play and release these heavenly frequencies and prophetic melodies, so please get involved.

My initial goal is to raise £4,000 to cover the recording and release of the first album. My overfunding target is to raise £7,000+ to enable me to realease at least one other album plus some singles.

This is groundbreaking pioneering music - please partner with me to make this happen!

Thank you :)

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