Rob Mistri's History of Hypnosis

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Rob Mistri's History of Hypnosis
Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

The aim of my project is to educate and entertain with full audience participation. Hypnosis is a fascinating subject, I aim to reveal all.

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I am at concept stage right now but my aim is to put together a show and take the show on tour.

The idea is to educate everyone with a trip through history starting at mesmerism, Franz Mesmer who he was, how he did it and demonstration, next to move to James Braid the father of Hypnotism, his ideas and demonstrations with audience participation.

Finally bringing the audience up to date with modern day techniques of no trance hypnosis with full audience participation.

The vision of this show is to have Actors playing the parts and a fully immersive experience of music and scenery of the times depicted, the magic and mystery that surrounds the subject with a big reveal at the end.

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