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The Opera Story presents Robin Hood

by The Opera Story in London, England, United Kingdom

We did it
On 27th November 2018 we successfully raised £7,680 with 46 supporters in 35 days

We are raising funds to help create a new opera based on an original libretto retelling the story of Robin Hood, premiering in February 2019

by The Opera Story in London, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

WOW, we did it again! Our first target of £5,000 has been reached.

Many thanks to you all for helping us reach this first milestone! It really means a lot to us!

Let's try to make it even better, and aim for at least £7,310, the result of last year's round!

Why a new target?

Apart from the excitement of a new challenge, there's the fact that creating new opera needs all the support we can get.

As we went all-or-none, we started with a safe and reachable target of £5,000, but the total cost of the production is almost £66000, so we can definitely use your help in getting closer to that, and complement other private and public funding we have secured already.  But we still have some way to go to cover all costs, so the more we can raise, the better we can show other potential funding partners the importance of the movement we have created and the enthusiasm that projects like this can generate. 

And did we mention that the rewards for backers are still there? 

What happens from here?

The additional funding from this new target will be allocated in the same way as the money that has been pledged so far, going towards guaranteeing fair fees to all the amazing young talents who are already enrolled in this project.

Many thanks again for your invaluable support - long live young opera. And see you all in February!

Are you ready for a new take on a story you thought you knew well? 

This time, we head to the forest of Greenwoods to meet Robin Hood, Marian Greenwood, the Merry Men and others, share their adventures, and discover a side of their lives that you didn't know about. 

Image from our previous production, Goldilocks and The Three Little Pigs

So, what's the plan? 

Follow The Opera Story to Peckham: we will take over two floors of the Bussey Building, a former cricket bat factory. You will be transported to another world, filled with great music and a very powerful story by a very talented group of young artists. 

The opera features music by emerging composer Dani Howard, who worked on an original libretto by Zoe Palmer and Rebecca Hurst. They are joined by Director Polly Graham, and the orchestra will be conducted by Berrak Dyer. The cast features Sian Cameron, Lorna Anderson, Ross Ramgobin and a very talented orchestra. 

Put it in your diaries: we open on February 27th 2019, for a run of six performances until March 9th. Also, for the first time, we will be having a free preview for local Peckham schools and community organisations on the 25th of February. 

Image from our previous production, Goldilocks and The Three Little Pigs

How do we do this? 

The thing with opera is that ticket sales will never cover the costs, as the teams involved in making a great production are large (between 25 and 30 persons). Rewarding these artists fairly is key to our mission, and in consequence, artists' fees are almost 70% of our costs, with another 15-20% going to the production. This means that your support will directly help these young artists. 

What is more, it will also allow us to share the beauty of opera with the local community in a free preview for local schools and community organisations. You can help us with that too by voting for our project in the Aviva Community Fund

On behalf of all those involved in making Robin Hood a reality, THANK YOU for your help!

Image from our first production, Snow


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£10 or more

Thank you for your support!

We will acknowledge your support on our website and souvenir printed programme.

£25 or more

Souvenir programme

A complimentary program when you come see us (or mailed to you if you can’t make it). Your name will be acknowledged in it, and on the website. A great souvenir and way to learn more about our opera!

£50 or more

A poster, but not any poster!

All of the above, PLUS a poster signed by the cast! We will give it to you personally, or mail it to you if you can’t join us.

£80 or more

Unlimited listening (audio CD)

All of the rewards above, PLUS an audio CD recording, because we know you will want to listen this opera again and again! Mailed to you after the end of the run.

£100 or more

Watch it again, as much as you like

Acknowledgement in our programme and website, complimentary programme, signed poster, Audio CD... PLUS a high-quality video recording. Delivered in a branded The Opera Story usb key that you can take with you anywhere and also use to store other things! Mailed to you.

£150 or more

Join us for drinks!

All of the rewards above, PLUS an invitation for drinks on opening night, to make a full evening out of it, and celebrate!

£250 or more

5 of 8 claimed

A very special score

All of the rewards above, PLUS a soft bound score signed by the opera’s composer. To be handed out directly when you visit us, or mailed if you can’t make it

£400 or more

0 of 5 claimed

Backstage access

All of the rewards above, PLUS an open invitation to see one or more rehearsal sessions, up to and including the open community dress rehearsal right before opening night. As close to the opera’s creation as you can get!

£600 or more


All of the rewards above, PLUS membership of our Storytellers group, which includes an invitation to our closing night party and special events like our next projects’ recording session and season preview. (This one can be paid in monthly or quarterly installments through Direct Debit, so contact us if you prefer this option)

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