Roberto's Bar and Tasting Club

by Roberto Ross in Birmingham, England, United Kingdom

Roberto's Bar and Tasting Club
We did it
On 19th October 2019 we successfully raised £20,335 with 184 supporters in 42 days

Roberto's Bar and Tasting Club will be a world-class destination for Belgian Beer lovers and local craft beer excellence.

by Roberto Ross in Birmingham, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

The stretch goal will allow more funding to be allocated to the immediate purchase of oak barrels for the barrel project and move the completion date for this forward. It will also be used to prepare for the larger venue, and allow more stock to be allocated to being cellared and aged for future use. 

Three days into the croudfunder now, so let's recap what Roberto's Tasting Club will all be about:

Local breweries and Belgian specials! 

Lots of beers from the friends I've made over the years from all over the world

* Permanent Fantôme draught! 

* Lambic and Geuze from my favourite brewers and blenders

* More of my Belgian friends: Alvinne, Verzet etc. 

* Lambic baskets! 

* Vintage beers, vintage lambics and other unobtainable marquee sharing bottles to rival anywhere on earth

* An environment that's cosy, homely, old-fashioned, comfortable and a little quirky. 

* Unique tasting events 

* Simple Belgian pub snacks of cold meats and cheeses

* Only staff with an interest in what they're serving!

It's Saturday 7th of September 2019. I started looking for a bar venue way back in March! How time flies! I've been absolutely desperate to be open this year and bring you what I know will be a world class venue. I've worked in so many places now, from the early days of Cotteridge, to the regular tastings, and popping up in all sorts of places from Stourbridge to Shirley, Lye to Halesowen, Acocks Green to Harborne. Every single time, in every single place, I've gained so much pleasure in bringing you my special brand of beer entertainment, and I know I can offer something amazing to you all with my own place. 

Finding the most perfect venue has been hard, and as I've come to realise, maybe the perfect venue doesn't exist, not at this present time anyway. However, that doesn't mean that there isn't a suitable venue that can be made to work, and not only that, allow everyone to start enjoying it right away. Beer now is definitely better than beer later! 

So without further ado, I'd like to announce something that's been going on behind the scenes lately. From Mid October, this year, as in next month... I'll be taking over the venue formally known as Clink and Beer Digbeth, a venue that has previously held Zwanze Day, amongst other fantastic events, and a place we are all familiar with. However, there will have to be some changes! OUT will come the dividing wall downstairs, along with other things, and the shelving removed etc, this will create a much more usable space, and with the upstairs, and a slightly reworked outside, I know I can create a lovely cosy place for us to enjoy. The toilets will be improved too, don't worry about that! A nice little refurb with things happening pretty quickly! 

The plans don't stop there though, over the course of early 2020 I will secure space for my yet unnamed "Barrel Project" along with oak barrels etc. for use in my mixed fermentation and aging program, and the fruits of this will obviously be available at the bar along with all the other fantastic delights I'm planning to drown you with. 

Two years down the line, I expect to have outgrown these two separate venues, and a larger one will be created to contain everything under one roof with your help. For now though, in the present, this Custard Factory site is perfect to incubate and grow! 

I could have launched the crowdfunder ages ago, but I was absolutely dead against asking for anything whilst I didn't have a place. Nor did I want to ask, then have people wondering why it hadn't opened yet, or at least whilst an opening date was still ambiguous. I've also studied many other crowdfunders and I want to make sure I'm actually offering some fantastic perks and rewards. And I'm sure, when you click the link below, you'll all agree that the offers are generous. It's not about the amount being raised, I want to create something genuinely amazing for you. 

In mid October I'll be welcoming you all to the permanent home of Roberto's Bar and Tasting Club!



This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£30 or more

A cheers from me!

Don't have a use for any of the rewards but still want to show your support? Then this is the option for you. Have a cheers on me!

£40 or more

Beer Money 1

Pledge £40 and be rewarded with £80 to spend on draught beer!

£40 or more

Merchandise 1

Pledge £40 and receive a Roberto's Tasting Club Hoodie OR Polo of your choice.

£50 or more

Beer Money 2

Pledge £50 and be rewarded with £100 to spend on draught beer!

£50 or more

Merchandise 2

Pledge £50 and receive a Roberto's Tasting Club Hoodie OR Polo of your choice. Plus receive a branded tasting glass and barblade

£100 or more

Beer Money 3

Pledge £100 and be rewarded with £200 to spend on draught beer!

£100 or more

Merchandise 3

Pledge £100 and receive a Roberto's Tasting Club Hoodie AND Polo. Plus receive 6x branded tasting glasses and barblade

£200 or more

For People Who Want The Lot!

Pledge £200 and be rewarded with £200 to spend on draught beer! Plus receive a Roberto's Tasting Club Hoodie AND Polo Plus 6x Branded Glasses Plus barblade Plus A FREE BAR TAB for you for a day!

£500 or more

10 of 10 claimed

Barrel Master

Pledge £500 and one of the oak barrels in the Barrel Project will bear your name! Each time a beer is released, or part blended from that barrel, your name will be on every bottle. You'll also receive a bottle for free each time too. You will also receive £500 in beer money, plus all the previous perks too.. Hoodie and Polo, 6 x branded glasses, barblade and free tab for a day.

£1,000 or more

1 of 6 claimed

Enter the Elite...

Pledge £1000 and receive all the perks of the Barrel Master. Plus get a permanent invite, for life, to the tasting events where the rare and almost unobtainable mega beers are shared. Think vintage lambic verticals, ultra limited 3F, Bokke etc. The absolute elite!

£2,000 or more

2 of 5 claimed

Elite Explorer

Pledge £2000 and receive all the perks of the Elite membership above. PLUS be whisked away on a guided tour of all my favourite breweries and blenders throughout Belgium, including the Pajottenland and the Ardenne! (Travel from England and hotel etc. of course included) A once in a lifetime trip!

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