Roath Community Newsletter Printing Support

by Roath Community Newsletter in Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom

Roath Community Newsletter Printing Support


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We aim to raise enough money to cover the printing costs for the new Roath Community Newsletter in aid of supporting people through Covid-19

by Roath Community Newsletter in Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom

New stretch target

If we raised our full target we promise to bring you 4 printed editions each fortnight for the next 8 weeks. If we raise any additional funds we would pass this directly to the Cardiff Foodbank. 

If you live in Roath, you may have already received this newsletter! If not take a look here - We're trying our best to get it to as many homes as possible. 

It was quickly established at the beginning of lockdown by the wonderful Eva Elliott to help people in the community keep connected during this time, allowing you to know what local businesses are doing to help us, shining light on local heroes, providing tips for staying safe (and sane) and even sharing useful recipes, crafts and activities. We recognise that not everyone has access to the internet, something we've more than ever become dependant upon for information, and so we want this newsletter to provide connection to the outside world - especially for the most vulnerable in our community who are entirely house-bound during this time. 

At two editions in, we're really pleased with how many people we've been able to deliver to, and the response we've had from people has been fantastic. As for hygiene, your safety is of course our top concern and so we have been diligent in following guidelines for flyer distribution.

Of course, printing hundreds of newsletters isn't free, and what we would like to ask is donations to help us raise enough to fund the next two prints, with any excess money going towards the following issues, or straight to charities that are providing local aid. For each edition we print 3000 copies which costs £66, we are able to arrange distribution for free through wonderful volunteers, therefore in total, we're aiming to reach £132. There are rewards for different donation amounts, all generously supplied by local businesses in Roath. There are a limited number of rewards, from bags of chocolate nuts to macramé plant hangers, so pick something that takes your fancy or just donate a couple of pound and that will help us continue to bring our newsletter to the people of Roath. 

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