Roath, Cathays, Gabalfa & Heath COVID19 mutual aid

by Nicki in Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom

Roath, Cathays, Gabalfa & Heath COVID19 mutual aid
We did it
On 9th April 2020 we successfully raised £370 with 21 supporters in 2 days

Our mutual aid group is raising a very small amount to cover the costs of running our phone helpline, and printing our flyers.

by Nicki in Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom

Thanks to over 1800 residents organising with us on our Facebook group, our community mutual aid is reaching isolated and vulnerable members of our community through our flyering, email and phone line. We have already helped over sixty people in just under two weeks, with more and more requests for support and advice every day from our local neighbourhoods.

We are trying to be a funds-free group. This very small fundraiser is simply to cover the costs of printing our flyers – which reach people without internet connections – and keeping our phone line going. Our first flyers were very generously printed for free by James Brinning. We’re now printing more, at a discount rate (£11 per 1000, with a total of 2 print runs costing £88 each for 16000 flyers, a total of £176) with Cardiff Bay Printing, and our phone line is £10 per month with EE (costed here for 6 months, at £60). We know there are many more important fundraisers out there, but if you have £1 or £2 to spare, we would be very grateful for your help.

Crowdfunder are providing free, no-fee fundraising for Coronavirus fundraisers. All of the money raised will go directly towards these costs, and we will post receipts here. Although this is carefully budgeted, if we have any surplus funds, we will donate them to the Cardiff Foodbank. Thank you for reading this, and take care of yourself in these difficult times!

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