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Everyone deserves a second chance.

by Kate Kenyon in Aberdeen, Scotland, United Kingdom

For a few weeks now I have been passing a young man on the street looking very alone. I’ve been so keen to help the homeless as well as the lonely as I cannot begin to imagine how it must feel to be in those positions. Today I stopped to talk to him and his name is Roman. He’s from Lithuania and came to Aberdeen to start a new life after his father died five months ago. He had a job but unfortunately they did not keep him on as the person he was staying with left Aberdeen, leaving Roman with nowhere to live. The more I spoke to him the more I felt his sadness. He has no family or friends, both here and at home. When he spoke about his life he began to cry and I felt so strongly that I needed to help him. He has been asking for money from the public but he says people laugh at him and is now scared to sit on the street. He cannot get another job yet as he’s waiting for a flat which he says he will get next month from the council. He has experience in hospitality and retail so hopefully he will get a job once he gets a flat. He doesn’t have a phone at the moment as he had to sell it for hostel money. I would love to be able to raise funds to buy him and new phone with credit, pay for his accommodation until he gets a flat and for his food in the meantime - he is incredibly thin. I know how it feels to be lonely but never to his extent. He is young and alone and scared and all I want to do is give him a stepping stone so he can rebuilt his life. I hope you will donate and help me to help him. He deserves so much more than what life has given him so far.

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