#Road2Home #Road2Education #Road2Rio

#Road2Home #Road2Education #Road2Rio

My name is Mary Iheke. I am a proud British, determined athlete and with your help, I aspire to be a future Olympian!!

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 Hi Everyone,

My name is Mary Iheke. I am a proud  Londoner, determined athlete and with your help, I aspire to be a future Olympian. 

After being persuaded by various great people that believed in my ability, I decided to take up athletics professionally in 2013. I have trained diligently for the past 3 years. There have been ups and downs in my venture, however everyday has been a step closer to my goal. I aim to compete at the world stage this year and through your generosity, this  could be a real possibility for me and a breakthrough for my athletics career.

Within 3 months of training, I was invited to my first British Championships July 2013.  I placed 9th overall out of 40 athletes in the 400m catergory with a time of 54.32s.  Within two years,  I went from running 54.32 to 52.81. I became an  England Athletic Champion in the 400m (2015), as well as the Inter- County Champion  (2014). During the Sainsbury's British Championships, broadcasted on BBC television; I placed 5th (2014) and 4th (2015) out of 40 athletes in the 400m.  

Funding progress has come at a high cost. Besides obvious training and coaching expenses. The sport demand a high price in the form of athletics gear, physiotherapy, transportation, accomodation and competing in international competitions. In order to support the dream, I have been working over-time within the NHS, which has made drastic cuts to pay as a result of restructuring. It has been a difficult venture trying to balance both disciplines, whilst reaching such a high standard of competition. This is why I am reaching out to friends, family  and well wishers near and far for your support  in this endeavor.

My coach and I know that the goal is in sight this year and we are working extremely hard to reach it. With your donation, we know that this dream could become a reality.

Please read the article below for more information:


Furthermore,  I also want give 50% of my donation towards charity. Youth Developement Ghana and Centrepoint: a charity for Homeless young people.




Thank you so much for your time

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