Self Love Positivity Empowerment Uplifting

by RowesNBraids in Westfield, England, United Kingdom

Self Love Positivity Empowerment Uplifting
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My aim is empower women and have you feeling your best self By providing luxury health, beauty, braids, styling, advice, astrology,tarot

by RowesNBraids in Westfield, England, United Kingdom

I am the only daughter within my family, I have four brothers. I didn’t really have a good relationship with my mum. Therefore I’ve literally been surrounded by testosterone????. It wasn’t all bad, I learnt a lot???? I still continue to learn.

Now, as much as I am a tomboy I have balance. I am fully aware that I am female and I am proud. I know first hand how it feels to be put in a box so to speak. That made me big, bright and beautiful much to my dads disarray at family weddings when I’m tryna get the whole venue to do the conga line????????????‍♀️ But that’s a whole other story.

I’m welcoming, non judgemental, a good listener and empathic. I’m literally your biggest fan girl/cheer leader. ????????

Money wise, I plan to create an emporium where you will have access to hair braiding, beauty, make up, brows. However because I’m all about balance. You will also have access to beauty, massage, holistic therapy, astrology, tarot and life coaching. I cater to all literally, you’re all welcome. However you leave your negativity at the door, I promise it won’t be there when you leave????????????????????⭐️

I didn’t follow my dream as I decided to try out being a mum. It went well and I decided to have two more. One of which is a girl! I know right, how do girls work? I wasn’t one growing up lol. However 12 years later and she’s 12. My best friend, my biggest fan, my cheer leader. This is for her, I’m setting the motions of empowerment and legacy making. One day she will own and run her own British Gymnastics Standard, gymnastics academy. She will be her own BOSS

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