Riverside Relaunch

Riverside Relaunch

Second phase of the redevelopment of a bar I have just taken over.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

The Riverside has been a long standing bar just a few minutes walk from the centre of Selby. The previous owner turned a former pub into a second home for many of Selby's alternative folk. Rockers, moshers, goths, emos, punks, metalheads, and indeed everyone else has been welcome here for well over a decade now. The building itself has been standing since 1837, and was first run by a Rvd Green (probably not the Cluedo character).  The bar has been a safe haven for many people who feel less welcome in mainstream bars. Because we worked hard to nurture these people, they have remained loyal customers, even after the bar was refurbished this year and turned into a Tex-Mex diner. Without a shadow of a doubt, this bar has become the best independently owned bar in Selby.

The former owner has since departed, and I have taken the reigns to further the bar and turn the slightly run down area it stands in, into a vibrant street once more, where people are not afraid to venture. The way forward is to invest in the staff, invest in the beer garden to the rear of the property, and introduce cocktail menus, wine lists, craft beer and cider lists, and the manufacture of our own branded hot chilli sauce. As well as this, I intend to spruce up the external frontage of the building, and launch a huge advertising campaign. The funds raised will also help us to purchase new catering equipment and glassware.

Because I am relatively new to the world of business, many investors won't offer me grants or loans, based on my lack of collateral. So, I turn to you, the great British public. Bars are closing down every week all over the country and those that are surviving should be nurtured and looked after.

I thank you all.