River Rooms 2 a new live music venue in Worcester

by River Rooms 2 in Worcester, England, United Kingdom


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With the support of local people, we intend to set up and open a 400+ capacity popular live music and comedy venue in the heart of Worcester

by River Rooms 2 in Worcester, England, United Kingdom

A new live music venue to bring a great night out for grown ups 

Worcester has some really great places to go and lively entertainment venues, however it doesn't have a medium/large capacity dedicated live music venue that caters to a grown up audience AND THAT'S WHAT WE INTEND TO CREATE. We have found the perfect building to make this happen.

With the support of the renowned and long established River Rooms live music venue in Stourbridge, we are now seeking to set up River Rooms 2 (RR2) and bring the party to Worcester.

As with the original River Rooms, we intend to focus on party bands performing mainly cover songs and tribute acts of 80s, 90s and 00s performers. There will, however, be opportunities for original local bands to showcase their talents. We also intend to offer a regular comedy night, saving local people from having to travel further afield to places like Birmingham to have a good belly laugh.


We chose to crowdfund to engage the local community in our mission - so those who share our vision, and passion for live music and comedy, can help us reach our goal by spreading the word and pledging their support.

We want to take you on the journey with us and invite you to become a friend of RR2 by making a financial pledge of your support and ongoing engagement.

Why River Rooms 2 is a great project

Most people love live music and we are just the same. There is a different energy and excitement that recorded music venues just can’t match.

When the opportunity of a suitable building in a prime location, in Carden Street near Friar Street in the centre of Worcester, came up and with our connections with the River Rooms in Stourbridge, we thought BINGO! Let’s do it!

We knew we could bring something a bit special to Worcester’s people and What’s more, we will be creating 12 new jobs for local people!

Worcester and its surrounding areas have been a mecca for great musicians over the years, but most venues are bars with live music tagged on or sit-down theatre venues. RR2 will be a large, dedicated, live-music venue within a stone’s throw from the bars and restaurants in the heart of Worcester city centre.

Professional bands will now be able to perform to both loyal and new audiences in a venue fit for purpose. You will be able to sing along, dance the night away in front of the stage or watch comfortably from one of the raised seating or bookable VIP areas.

We are excited to bring this opportunity to Worcester and invite you to join us on our journey.

The venue will specialise in popular party bands, such as Fred Zeppelin (Lead Zeppelin tribute), Swede Dreams (Abba Tribute that always sells out), The Foo Fighters (Foo Fighters tribute), Spice Forever (Spice Girls tribute), Oasis V the Stone Roses, ICONIC 80S (80’s covers band), etc. (see the River Rooms website or facebook page for details of what they do and what you can expect from us).

Laugh and dance your socks off

In addition to our twice weekly live music show, we intend to develop a weekly comedy night, featuring the best performers from the UK and international comedy circuit.

RR2 will bring local people together to enjoy a party atmosphere in a safe environment. Come early to enjoy the bands, who usually perform between 9-11.30pm, and for those who want to continue to party, our resident DJs will carry on playing the sounds you love until 1-2am.

We’ve got a small, but extremely experienced team, with over 50 years’ relevant professional experience between us in management, marketing and training, business development and finance, in addition to direct support from the original River Rooms.

Where is the wonga going?

The money raised will be used to secure the lease, fit out the premises and book the first 3 months’ bands. Having said this, probably even more important than the money is establishing an audience and gaining commitment from local people like you who would like a great live music and comedy venue in a great city.

At present, the building is set up as a training facility with offices, training rooms and a large open warehouse. In order to reconfigure it as a live music venue, we need to remove a bunch of walls, redirect the wiring and plumbing and redesign the interior.

£60,000 will allow us to complete the main set up in terms of removal of a number of existing offices, re-wiring, constructing the bar, stage and main seating areas and procuring the indoor and outdoor furniture. We will also extend and refurbish the existing toilets, to include a toilet with disabled access. We will then need to book the bands at least 12 weeks before we open.

Once construction and fit out is completed, we will install a quality sound system, entrance and security systems, and lighting. Next comes signage (inside and out) and marketing materials.

If only £60,000 is raised, we have an arrangement to lease the sound and lighting system from our contacts in the trade. If, however, we reach our stretch target, we would intend to buy the stage lighting rigs, controllers and sound system.

What’s in it for you?

Our rewards for your support range from £5 with a heartfelt thank you just because you like the idea, to £25 for the VIP launch party and up to £200 for 50 heavily discounted tickets which can be used over 12 months, and everything in-between.


What happens to my pledge if you don’t start the business?

If the target figure is not reached, the funding platform, Crowdfunder, automatically refunds your pledge meaning it's a risk-free win-win for you.

What is this Crowdfunding thing? How exactly does the crowdfunding work?

If you pledge money to us for entry tickets or other reward, and if enough of you do the same within our 6 week time limit, we will reach our fundraising target! The crowdfunding platform collects and holds all pledges until the target is reached and the project is ready to be started. Woo hoo!

If we hit our initial target early (which we really hope to do), we'll introduce a 'stretch target'. Should we hit our target, this will enable us to do things like purchase equipment, instead of leasing it.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£5 or more


Every penny counts so a solid £5 will go to our campaign. A massive high five from the RR2 + name on the website friends forever page

£10 or more


Enter for a chance to win FREE ENTRY on Friday nights for 1 month. All entrants will get their name on the website friends forever page

£10 or more

Join the draw for OUR FIRST Comedy Night

Enter for a chance to win two tickets to our first Comedy Night.

£25 or more

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VIP Grand opening event. Live music show. Free Drinks, Raffle. Giveaways

£30 or more

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5 tickets for 1 person to be used within 6 month period. (With the average entry price being £9 this reward means a saving of £3 per visit)

£45 or more

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9 tickets (use up to 4 tickets per show) within 6 month period (With the average entry price being £9 this reward means a saving of £4 per ticket)

£100 or more

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25 tickets (use up to 25 tickets per show) within 6 month period (With the average entry price being £9 this reward means a saving of £5 per ticket)

£200 or more

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50 tickets (use any number of tickets per show) within 12 month period (With the average entry price being £9 this reward means a saving of £5 per ticket)

£200 or more

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50 tickets to be used at one event to be booked within a 12 month period. Perfect for that big office party or family and friends celebration: live music and dancing for everyone at a great price. If you’re the Boss, your team will love you forever: well at least until next Monday! (With the average entry price being £9 this reward means a saving of £5 per ticket)

£400 or more


Contact us for a reward package customized to you.

Let's make 'River Rooms 2 a new live music venue in Worcester' happen