River Giants Re-Homing Sanctuary

River Giants Re-home large freshwater fish when they outgrow their home aquariums.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

River Giants Re-Homing Sanctuary

River giants are the UK's First and ONLY re-homing sanctuary based in Derbyshire. River Giants have been set up to provide a better home for large freshwater fish. Everyday these types of river monsters are sold by shops without giving a second thought to the full potential of these beautiful creatures. What comes from a shop as little as 2 inches, will potentially outgrow any normal aquarium within months! A lot of these fish that you see on TV shows such as river monsters, will eventually get to over 4ft in length, some larger!

These fish are beautiful to look at and because of this people buy them and without any warning from shops. Soon these fish are eating everything else in the tank and getting huge. When this happens, the fish either is kept in cramped conditions which can be fatal for the fish or they are put into rivers to be (set free). These fish are far from set free, they are sent to die! fish from warmer countries cannot survive in our lakes and rivers, the temperature is too cold for them, and before long they are dead! 

There have been a growing number of cases in recent years, seal life centres here in the UK are not willing to take any more of these fish in as they have no more room to re-house them. This is where River Giants come in, but we need funding to ensure we can continue to do so.

The price of re-homing giants

Our long term goal is to open the UK's very first fresh water aquarium, where people can come and see these river giants in the flesh rather than on TV shows. The total costs of our project is likely to be in excess of £100,00, but for now River Giants are urgently in need of £5,000 which will help us  with a new premises that is much needed as we need more room to continue to house the numbers of fish coming in. By having a new home for River Giants this will enable us to re-home even more of these fish as they come to us. We aim to open the santuary as a public aquarium dedicated to river monsters in time including a science and research centre within the aquarium where we will design programmes that will enable us to work with schools, colleges and universities in order to study and learn about many of these sometimes mythical fish. We will have a small childrens play area and a small food court, so customers can relax and have a drink and something to eat whilst at the sanctuary. This project will be set over 4 stages, each stage will require raising funds. We are also looking for investors that may have an intrest in this project. The sanctuary itself will be decorated as if you were steppin into other countries as where the fish originate. Just imagine walking through a magical land surrounded by tropical plants and trees surrounded by these beautiful monster fish!! 

When River Giants re-home a fish, we have a dedicated members page where you can keep updated with videos and pictures of the fish, so people can see them growing to their full potential, in environments that replicate their natural habitats. Even getting just part way to our target, will make a huge difference to our ability to keep re-homing these giant fish.

The Impact

The problem is, these fish are beautiful and very desirable. People buy these fish without knowing the full growth potential of the fish. Before long the fish has outgrown their home aquarium and living in cramped conditions. It is sad news but it does happen. River Giants have recently re-homed a 2 and a half foot redtail catfish that was kept in a 4 foot tank! She had no room to move or even turn around. The owner was in-experienced and did not know their redtail catfish was actually a female and capable of growing to 6ft in length.

This is becoming more and more frequent within the aquatic industry. Sadly if these fish are not rescued or re-homed, they face certain death! There are other charities helping to re-home small tropical fish, but River Giants are the only people working to save these large magnificent creatures. The bottom line is, some of these fish have now become endangered, due to being over fished for the retail market. If this continues, these giants will soon become extinct! We cannot let this happen. although there are guides for the sales of certain fish in certain countries, there is still a number of aquatic shops selling some of these fish.

River Giants work is started to get known not only in the UK but in USA as well. We are also working with one global organisation that re- homes smaller fish but on occasions come across some large fish. Because of our knowledge of large fish, we have recently been asked to be a regular guest speaker on an internet aquatic radio station. We have had interest in the last few days from a senior keeper at London Zoo and Blue Planet Aquarium who want to work with us on our project. We are the UK's first and only sanctuary set up for re-homing river monsters!

These river monsters are magnificent creatures, but if we cannot continue to help them, who knows how long they will be around for the world to see them?

Other Ways You Can Help

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By working together we can give these river monsters a great and fulfilling life