River of Greens micro greens local production

by Daniel Tarbuck in Liverpool, England, United Kingdom

River of Greens micro greens local production
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Unfortunately this project was not successful.

I am raising money to start my micro green business buying equipment such as air filters, water osmosis filter, lights, shelving, Seeds, +

by Daniel Tarbuck in Liverpool, England, United Kingdom

  • I would like to start supplying highly nutritious micro Greens to my local area to start. Then growing to take on an industrial unit and staff in the future. I am starting my test marketing at home converting a bedroom into a micro farm fully equipped to form an ongoig supply to my local community. This would benefit myself with good greens for a great diet plan aswell as benefiting  my wider community. 

Starting with the assebling of the micro farm sourcing and fitting it all together creating a balanced environment to house these delicate plants. 

Sourcing the equipment and seed varieties and amounts to guarantee a continual supply to the whole community. 

At the start many will have to be used as samples for people to taste. These will need to be  to establish a River of Greens in the market place.

Bringing the much needed locally sourced foods back to our communities.

Teaching people how to grow them a sell as introducing starter kits and full light boxes.

I am. To make something that I can be inspired by and create a tranquil employment for myself. Having the potential to grow to employ many micro farm throughout the region.

My aim is to supply the micro greens to local shops, restaraunts. Creating a regular supply chain. Leading to a sustainable business.

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